22 thoughts on “Expert for the Defense

  1. He was given a calculator; he still refused to do it (because he was too incompetent). Nobody was expecting him to convert 1/16 to a decimal.

  2. He could not compute 1/16 as a decimal without calculator. neither can I. Alas he could not admit that either. His body language was rigid and off-putting from the start. God knows why the plaintiff (or defense) chose to use him: accident reconstructionists are a dime a dozen.

    That said, the deposing attorney was an idiot and insisted on beating a dead horse. He had all he needed to know– this witness would not go over well on the stand. This i was Ego vs Ego. Never good.

  3. Suit and tie do not make an expert! LOL! Woe be to the schools he attended…his grade school teachers must be in anguish!  Jack

  4. Gee, that guy couldn’t figure out that on a scale of 1″=20′ then 1/16″ equals 2′.
    What a dumbass!!!

  5. It destroys his credibility as an expert witness and makes his evidence inadmissible. There could be other errors that aren’t evident in this video as well.

  6. is the person asking the questions a judge or the opposing council???

    Tom Cruise was breaking into the NSA headquarters in Mission Impossible 1 to steal this man formula sheets. Can you imagine how much raw knowledge are on those formula sheets.

  7. He was of by 5 feet–there was NO point in badgering the witness, none.

  8. 3-3/16″ on 1 to 20 scale would be
    that’s 63.75″ or 5′ 9 3/4″

  9. the judge said (3+3/16)*20 = x = 60 + 60/16 = 63 + 12/16 = 63.75…
    You’re just as retarded as the witness, congratulations.

  10. I think he might have misunderstood the question and tried to calculate the length of the red arc. He just did a really bad job of saving face towards the end. Or else he’s just a dumbass.

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