25 thoughts on “Joseph Pilates Reformer by Jean-Claude Nelson – Bluebird Pilates Munich

  1. Very well done Jean-Claude. You’ve got that Pilates feeling. Just like the routines from our master Joseph Pilates we will never get tired of watching you guys at work. Joseph had a gift and a vision. I think you may share that same gift. There is no wonder why his technique has become what it is today! Thank you both for your videos, Joseph

  2. yes….and Jean….you look wonderfull…..your move look cotroled and realy agresive….but on nice way 😉

  3. Look at those leg muscles! That’s incredible! I want one and someone to teach me how to use it!!!!!

  4. GAHD every time I watch this I wanna jump on the reformer. I can just FEEL it in my own body.

  5. True Pilates , evrybody working with controlgy should watch this.
    Pilates is a full body excercise ppl.
    Jean-Claude tip my hat to you mate.!

  6. Jean-Claude I am so impressed with your pilates work. Do you have more videos? I would love to see more! You’re incredible! I am a pilates teacher of 10 yrs and I commend you for how impecable your work is here and in your mat video as well.

  7. linee bellissime da vedere, esecuzione scorrevole e dinamica…bellissimo video
    very nice aligment, dynamic and flowing execution…very nice video

  8. you are amazing! loved the video, learned new excersises and will be trying.

  9. Auntentico Pilates de verdad, que gusto da ver estas cosas.

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