Classical Pilates Instruction Coming to Melrose on 7th Avenue Pilates by Fitness Solutions to Relocate to the Melrose District

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) July 30, 2007

Pilates by Fitness Solutions, Arizona’s only Power Pilates-affiliated studio will re-open its doors in Central Phoenix’s trendy Melrose on 7th Avenue district on August 13.

“We have grown organically through word of mouth over the last ten years,” said studio owner Lauren Tomasulo. “We are looking forward to continuing to grow in the new studio in our new neighborhood. Melrose on 7th is a vibrant community and we are excited to be part of its renewal.”

The new, 2700 square-foot studio is located at 4113 North 7th Avenue on the northeast corner of 7th Avenue and Indian School Road. The revitalized neighborhood is home to restaurants, shops, and art galleries and has an active day and nightlife. The studio is within walking distance from a shuttle stop on the First Fridays Artwalk route, and Tomasulo has plans to leverage her fortunate new address.

“We will be hosting our open house beginning on Friday, September 7th during First Friday and continuing though the weekend,” said Tomasulo. “We will be having a sort of ‘Taste of Pilates’ during which people can come in and take free, abbreviated mat classes, see demonstrations, and learn what all of the weird-looking equipment is all about.”

The equipment to which Tomasulo refers is an integral part of the classical Pilates method which she teaches. Pilates was developed by German-born boxer and performer, Joseph Pilates, to rehabilitate his fellow prisoners while he was detained in a British internment camp during World War I. There, he developed exercises that stretch, strengthen, and balance the body beginning with the muscles in the body’s core – the abdominals, upper thighs, and back – and radiating out to the limbs.

Deep, focused breathing helps practitioners increase their lung capacity and improve their blood flow; it contributes to the relaxed sense of well-being that follows a Pilates workout. After the war Joseph Pilates and his wife Clara immigrated to New York, where the techniques and equipment were further refined. Classical Pilates has been continuously practiced in the United States since 1926.

Pilates by Fitness Solutions is a Participating Training Center in the New York-based Power Pilates network of certified studios. Power Pilates’ founders learned the technique from the first generation of Joseph Pilates’ students. Currently, it is the only studio in Arizona that is endorsed by Power Pilates to train instructors in the classical Pilates method.

Pilates’ visibility has increased over the past two decades as celebrities and athletes have embraced the workout. As a result, variations on the techniques have evolved as have less expensive, less rigorous certification programs. Tomasulo advises those interested in pursuing Pilates to ask prospective instructors tough questions about their qualifications to teach the method.

“The comprehensive classical certification process is intense and demands a significant investment in terms of time and finances,” she says. “It requires certified instructors to maintain their certifications through continuing education beyond the hundreds of hours that they devote toward the initial certification. That rigor ensures that clients are less likely to be injured or to worsen a chronic condition during their workouts.”

About Pilates by Fitness Solutions

Pilates by Fitness Solutions specializes in classical Pilates as developed by its namesake Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. The studio is committed to maintaining and promoting classical Pilates as part of a well-rounded fitness program. Our clients come in all shapes, sizes, and physical conditions. For more information, visit Pilates by Fitness Solutions on the Web at

About Power Pilates

Power Pilates’ teacher training programs use the strong foundation of Joseph Pilates to help prospective instructors learn the specifics of a balanced workout. Instructors learn the methods of dealing with special case clients and most importantly the Power Pilates teaching tools, which provide an easy-to-follow formula for success. For more information, go to


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