Deposition Preparation Online with Deposition Testimony: 5 Simple Rules Deposition preparation online is here with Deposition Testimony: 5 Simple Rules. My name is Zach and I’m a lawyer just like you. Here’s a problem we’ve all experienced – you spend hours, days, sometimes even weeks preparing your client to testify in a deposition. You give all the sound advice – don’t volunteer, don’t speculate, limit your answers just to the questions asked. The client looks at you and says, “I got it, I’m ready.” Five minutes into the deposition your client is volunteering, speculating, and the deposition is beginning to go off the rails. This has happened to all of us and it’s not because we didn’t do a great job preparing our witnesses. The solution is here. Now I had never used a video before to help me prepare my witnesses to testify and frankly I would have been skeptical of any suggestion that I do so because I did a great job just like you do preparing witnesses. But at one point in my career we were actually required to use one and frankly I was amazed! The difference between a witness who had seen this video that showed a witness doing it wrong and getting in trouble, and then a witness doing it right, made all the difference in the world. Once the witness saw that, they got it. But there were a few problems with this old video – it was old and dated. I was almost embarrassed to show it to the client because of the content, but it was also available only on DVD. What we did is we created a system that solved all of these
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CPS aka Child Protective Services depends crucially upon the authority of expert witnesses when they take their cases to court, aiming to severe the sacred bonds between parents and children. These expert witnesses are held in high regard by both judges and juries, who are often mightily impressed by the mere presence of such experts. Yet (as books such as Whores of the Court show), these experts are often nothing more than corrupt, incompetent whores, willing to sell their souls for a bit of false grandeur and a quick buck. The crimes against humanity that are perhaps amongst the most heinous are those committed by experts who give false and / or misleading testimony in an effort to bolster the case of CPS aka Child Protective Services, who have proven – time and again – that they will do anything to rip babies and children from the arms of those who love them best. For more Information: THE CHARLES SMITH BLOG: Smith gave testimony in Ohio murder trial Disgraced pathologist had given evidence in case where jurors suggested death penalty February 09, 2008 Theresa Boyle and Isabel Teotonio, Staff Reporters Smith’s victim gets bail – WHAT TOOK SO LONG AND WHY ISN’T SMITH IN JAIL???!!!! Dr. Charles Smith’s (as he was then known) Factum: (Free Download of Book Available) http http www
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25 thoughts on “Deposition Preparation Online with Deposition Testimony: 5 Simple Rules

  1. They want people to act out they choose them 1 for even talking about this pot once they target them for doing some,’RIDICULOUS: ‘Arousing thing the media run’s a story not for anything positive or to help our country but to tear it down! ‘Like people abused by scp any of them that are targeted for stupid things are used and they fail to see it the real reason not only to take their babies! Though that is the goal but to get these families to act out just because they drive them crazy!prison

  2. a woman in canada who was falsely convicted of this guy was just released yesterday.. i hate this man so much even though i havent even met him. imagine being locked up for 17 years, just because this man set false accusations towards you!

  3. you know it’s ok to be a “conspiracy theorist” as it is now abundantly clearthat there are groups of people who are dealing in conspiracy. the corruption goes right to the top and our leaders are chosen by shadowy figures who discriminate against good people and deliberately choose the mal adjusted psychopaths with sexual deviancy in order to controll them through blackmail and bribery. i woke up a couple of years ago my friend and i know the rabbit hole goes deeper than i can see.

  4. look into freemason, illuminati… i dont want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but theres a large amount of proof about power, control, inhumanity of these people is outrageous. Some of the facts you will here while looks up these subjects may through you off.. dont believe everything but for the most part if you have common sense everything adds up and you find out how corrupt this world actually is…

  5. Either we are a nation of laws or we are a nation of lawlessness. And if the laws don’t apply to the corrupt in trusted positions of power then the laws don’t apply to the angry mob that seeks retribution.

  6. – yes, you are so right.  Any kid who DOES NOT ever get bruises you’d have to wonder about, frankly. And you are so right to point out that it is NOT incompetence, Smith loves the fact that he’s been able to pretend he made a mistake. These people are evil freaks, who despise children. And now they have done it again, in Surrey, BC, by taking away newborn baby and victim #4 of the Baynes, who have now lost ALL their children to these peverted evil creeps. See my main page.

  7. shit!! if the doctors had seen my bruises as abuse i would have been torn from my parents faster than one could say “get your hands off my child” children are bags of pure accidental joy, if they’re not getting injured they’re not having fun. these cases are not as a result of incompetence, this is happening by design all round the world.

  8. I have a baby that is under CPS care. One day they brought her to me and she had rashes all over her body. The medical report said it was diaper rash: candida. Which I looked online and clearly says it is caused by poor hygiene. The rash was so severe that the top layer of her skin was missing. CPS began covering it up by saying it was sensitive skin, allergies, then chicken pox.

  9. They said that they were going to take her to an Immunologist. Also a Pediatric Dermatologist. Until now she has not been seen. The symtoms got better the following week. A couple of months later she had another outbreak. I just don’t understand why they would take her from me being a newborn if they don’t want to take care of her. Please help me. Contact me at

  10. Cps sucks in porage county. they dont even do there jobs very good. If they was good then they would not give someone a kid that has a drug problem,or even molestation in there family. yrs later that same child been abused two more times by two step parents,and nothing was even done. pictures and all was seen by cps and nothing was done,hand prints and a nose bleed and also fingerprints. But nothing was ever done…sad sad sad

  11. 10 years ago my tax return was held for not paying child support for the child I did not have. Under the treat of being jailed I went to child support service attempting to prove the mistake. Nobody listen to me. The only way to free myself was to pay and advocate and court fee to prove that I am not guilty in the crime I did not commit and that I am not someone else.
    Also I’ve seen real abused children in another country. I also worked with allegedly “abused” in psyc. No way they were abused.

  12. We will not find justice at the hands of corrupt judges. (See YouTube videos) Judge to Judge on Illegal Payments to Judges / Evil Triangle of Court Corruption / Richard fine / Dr Shirley Moore slush funds /SBX 211. To end this title wave of corruption in our country must start with the corrupt judges. We can not bring evidence of corruption to corrupt judges. Los Angeles Superior Court judges are illegally and unconstitutionally taking 50,000.00 each for a total of 23 million per year.

  13. i often wonder why some police officers and investigators are so driven to get a particular person they want to say is guilty that these injustices happen. if i were ever wrongfully incarcerated i would be the most uncooperative son of a bitch you ever saw!!!

  14. The C.a.s. use many tactics to get you into court, Including Kidnapping…
    You have to recieve paperwork for them to disconnect you hydro, or kick you from your home, but taking your Child,….they can do that whenever they feel…

    They will constantly switch judges, and lawyers so that they may use illegal court tactics to draw out your finances and are unable to fight back.

    News papers are Afraid to go after Cas

    The one thing That Cas won’t do

    listen to buddy, video everything

  15. Even the judge said he’d occasionally enjoyed alcohol with his dinner, and they had no legal leg to stand on…

    So a year into the Second trial, which by now I’m watching my mother’s Car Accident Settlement funds getting dangerously close to nil, I asked her the scoop.

    C.a.S. used so many stall tactics and illegal courses that we were eventually screwed. The girls are at my aunt’s whom I feel is the lesser of two evils, at least. The boy is still in care, brainwashed against his family.

  16. Eventually, she removed the kids from Daycare, lying to me as I tended to pick them up, and to the kids themselves.


    All the reports they claimed, were falsified including those from Daycare personal, which were more than happy to give statements stating that I’ve never yelled at the kids at DC, which C.a.s. claimed I did.
    After a long weekend, we had 1 beer left given to us, some dutch import, was good…had it with my dinner.. They brought that up in court..

  17. My mother fought C.A.S. here in Ontario for years over my cousins, not for her brother that wasn’t a good father, but for the kids…

    After Court Battle #1 at the tune of $60,000 we won the kids freedom.
    2 girls and 1 boy…

    3 Years later, all kids are doing well in school as well as at home…
    Our worker, who was very supportive of my mom’s goals, was replaced by
    a woman, who was young and naive, acted friendly while she secretly jotted everything she saw down to use against us..

  18. Sids are caused from the Hep-B Vaccine. It couldnt be more obvious. And it couldnt be more obvious in the CPS,s involvement in slave trade & sex rings of millions of confiscated children across the world. They are trying to take your babies away, while the government is murdering them. All congenital deaths can be traced back to vaccines & prescription drug use, but outside of the many Flouride compounds coupled with Depleted Uranium products on the market is a growing fad. The game is up.

  19. I went to high school with Bill Johnson in around 1986 or so inb Sault Ste. Marie. In the three years I kew him there, he was a scrapper and stuttered a bit but he was no different from anyone else, really. I could not beleive it when I heard that hea was going to prison for murder and such. He may have or not done it but I choose to believe, from the three years I humg out with him, that it was not in his character to harm a child. HGe had a bit more problems than you’re typical student,

  20. being Ojibway but was did not demonstrate a temper or anything. I was so overjoyed to hear about his release and subsequent aquittal. I hope he is left better off than Donald Marshall Jr. (Rets in Peace, Don) was.

  21. being Ojibway but was did not demonstrate a temper or anything. I was so overjoyed to hear about his release and subsequent aquittal. I hope he is left better off than Donald Marshall Jr. (Rets in Pewace, Don) was.

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