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  1. I am a 50 yr old male that just signed up for reformer/matwork classes after doing just doing matwork for a cuple of months and this video is inspiring. Thanks for posting.

  2. The Reformer exercises come from the mat. In the mat there is the ROLLOVER and the JACKKNIFE. The JACKKNIFE is harder (and therefore comes later in the sequence) because it takes the weight of the body further away from the center.
    On the Reformer the exercise is called the OVERHEAD.
    When it comes to understanding “why” Pilates is what it is you have to acknowledge the ideal within the original work. Only one brand of Pilates in the world does that.

  3. I would love the chance to meet this lady TODAY, and find out how she is NOW, as an old person

  4. When she does the ROLL OVER note how she hikes her legs up and into a sort of Jackknife
    Combo? Can someone explain please?

  5. I am somewhat puzzled by your response, because I advocate to everyone the benefits of pilates? Without Joseph Pilates, there would be no pilates as we know it today. Obviously you took my comments as offensive, which was not my point. Attempt many of the actions to the degree as seen in the video on anyone who had not done either pilates and/or fexibility training, the likelihood of injury is enormous. I don’t teach Pilates, just know its benefits and watched many wonderful sessions.

  6. I really don’t think you know anything. And your erudite expression underscores it. You are what is contra indicated in understanding and appreciating the work of Joseph Pilates.

  7. I love the creativity and the mixing that Joeph in his alternative and legitimate academic knowledge did, resulting in the exploration beyond the normal practices and bondaries at the time. Admittedly many now are considered contra-indicated, but by taking that leap of faith the future can reap rewards, The value of the benefits cannot be ignored & the exploration Jospeh Pilates began and the legacy is seen today in the 2nd decade of the 21st Century, with fabulous results across the Globe!

  8. Sequence matters. Pattern within the sequence matters. This is as good as it gets.

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