Introducing Divorce Resort, a New Concept that Revolutionizes the Way Couples Split Up

Austin, TX (PRWEB) September 27, 2012

Avoid a contentious court battle with the new concept from Austin family attorney Daryl Weinman, called Divorce Resort. This ground-breaking concept is already being heralded as a family-friendly solution to an otherwise very difficult process.

The concept is simpleseparated couples provide the Divorce Resort attorney with all the necessary information, and then a three-day weekend is scheduled at a four-star resort of the couples choosing. Each party gets their own suite to relax, mediate and get away from the distraction of life for three days while attorney focuses solely on the issues of your separation and resolving the complex issues that matter to you. All agreements made regarding children and finances will be reduced to writing in formal court documents that will be entered with your local courtso the divorce is finalized in a timely manner.

The Divorce Resort concept significantly reduces the high cost of traditionally litigating a divorce case, both the financial cost and the emotional cost. By agreeing in advance to the Divorce Resort process, there is no threat of litigation, no ugly court battles, no intrusive or invasive discovery tactics and no contradicting expert witnesses.

In a traditional divorce process, no attorney can answer the two most stress-producing questions up front, which leave both parties with a lot of pent up anxiety and fear, said Daryl Weinman. But Divorce Resort can. We tell you up front how much your divorce is going to cost and how long it is going to take. This amicable approach to the divorce process gives the couple control over their own futures, allows them to remain on peaceful terms for the sake of their children, and helps move them forward in their new lives.

Divorce Resort attorney Daryl Weinman is highly respected in the family law community and is an excellent communicator. She is one of the state’s highest-regarded divorce attorneys, board-certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

About Divorce Resort:

Divorce Resort is a revolutionary new concept by the law firm Weinman & Associates. Divorce Resorts fresh approach to resolving major family law issues focuses on providing a stress-free and amicable way to finalize your divorce and move forward with your life. Available to anyone in the U.S., Divorce Resort offers an innovative approach to a difficult and emotional process.

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