Joseph Pilates – Lawrence Hayward – JaZz Alessi Second generation Pilates Teacher

Mr Lawrence Hayward worked as Joseph Pilates’ personal assistant – teaching, training and supervising his clients. He was personally trained and instructed, one-to-one, in the Joseph Pilates’ Method, by its creator; while living in New York, in Pilates’ studio. I was blessed to train directly with Mr. Hayward, in the authentic Joseph Pilates Way – true to his Original Training & Rehabilitation Exercise System. During my intensive training in Gymnastics and Martial Arts etc, I have suffered various injuries. I have tried different methods to re-gain my body balance, and to recover from my injuries, but with little success – although I spent lots of money working with some of the finest injury rehabilitation specialists in the country. But it was The Original Authentic Pilates Method that made me recover: the same method taught by Joseph Pilates – and passed on to me by Lawrence Hayward! It gave me what the most renowned UK Pilates schools, and the most reputable physiotherapists, could not! It contains movements not performed by other Pilates teachers, simply because most of them are trained according to different standards – and have not had the privilege of studying with someone trained by Joseph himself! This lack of continuity, and inconsistency, has sadly seen most of the authentic, original Joseph Pilates Method and thinking lost. Joseph Pilates was the best in the world in Exercise and Rehabilitation Exercise Therapy. The Original, Authentic Pilates Method – as
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