Education expert witness on Paddling in schools

Education Expert – Dr. Edward F. Dragan dicusses paddling of children in schools on Montel Williams show in reference to a case of a student who was beat to the floor in Missisipi for not doing his work. Dr. Dragan points out that “paddling” is constitutional according to the US Supreme Court.
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16 thoughts on “Education expert witness on Paddling in schools


  2. I was paddled in school. And I got my ass beat if I misbehaved at home. I learned wrong from right from discipline. I had no idea what a “time out” was. I see nothing wrong with paddling or spanking. I was shocked that schools don’t do it anymore.

  3. “Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act, HR 3027 Campaign RALLY,” Wash DC is being held by child rights advocates, June 20-22, 2012 on US Capitol grounds.
    Details are posted at no spank dot net backslash dc flyer dot htm

    Professionals and concerned citizens may request to speak at this event.
    Contact Paula Flowe campaign coordinator info at the hitting stops here dot com

  4. 19 US states and territories permit teachers to hit children in their care with wooden boards for gaining obedience.
    Campaign Rally Wash DC Federal Bill Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act is being held by child rights advocates June 20 through 22 on US Capitol grounds
    Details posted at nospank dot net
    Professionals and concerned citizens may request to speak at this event
    Contact Paula Flowe campaign coordinator info at the hitting stops here dot com

  5. Currently, in the U.S., there are only three professions in which hitting someone on the buttocks in order to cause pain is part of standard practice:
    School teaching
    In deference to professions #1 and #2, the following qualification applies: pornographers and prostitutes who engage in sado-masochistic activities, do so exclusively with informed, consenting adults. As of 2012, buttocks-beating has been banned in the public school systems of 31 states.

  6. Check out youtube video documentary the board of education by jared abrams to see shocking injuries to schoolchildren from school paddling

  7. A teacher paddling a student is unacceptable. People say its effective but spanking is a little to far for a teacher. Teachers and students should have a distance put between them.

  8. Also, that picture really doesn’t do his injuries justice. His arms were scraped up, as were his hands and legs.

  9. I can’t believe this video is on here – that kid in the picture is my brother! I was actually in the audience watching this live. Jeez it seems like such a long time ago

  10. I have compiled shocking statistics on this, from Dept of Education documents, and published a comprehensive law review article about the constitutionality of hitting kids in school. Black boys are hit the most. And, of course, it’s pretty much the same states that beat slaves that are now beating children in schools. Please see “State Actors Beating Children: A Call For Judicial Relief,” 42 UC Davis L Rev. 1165 (2009), also available online on Professor Pollard-Sacks

  11. Please add your voice at Unlimited Justice dot com National Campaign to End School Paddling of Children.

  12. Get outraged! This is not an isolated incident. Children beaten at school sustain immediate physical injuries to their bodies. The pychological damage will last a lifetime. There is simply no excuse for a country that allows this and it goes without saying that those who swing the paddle should be classified as dangerous sociopaths and we PAY them to educate children? It doesn’t get sicker than that.

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