Metodo Joseph Pilates con PyP Equipamientos


I am assisting and supporting myself through Pilates to change myself from the inside out in the process of walking out of the mind and into the physical. Pilates was originally called “Contrology” by Joseph Pilates with the idea that it is possible to control one’s body through directing oneself in the mind and through gaining muscle strength. I have taken that and reversed it for myself so that Pilates is me directing myself as the physical to stop the mind. I change myself from the inside out and change my starting-point from having desired to be beautiful to simply supporting myself here in and as the physical. Through Pilates I push myself to become my own powerhouse as the physical walking, standing, breathing and living of myself here. I am building myself as the core and foundation of myself, in Pilates as well as I walk the Desteni I Process. About Pilates: About the Desteni I Process: Visit my blog Join us as we unveil the World as Self Vote for an Equal Money System as an active step to take self-responsibility for this world and all that is here The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we start participating in democratic elections. http Visit the forum: Equal Money – What the FAQ? Follow the blog books regularly and learn how you can write yourself to freedom: FREEDOM BLOGS PART 1: eqafe
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12 thoughts on “Metodo Joseph Pilates con PyP Equipamientos

  1. wow – that sounds cool. I have also been looking at that there should be a training form that was based on how cats move. Apparently Joseph Pilates thought about that when he designed Pilates.

  2. Thanks Anna,
    I went to a chiropractor for my back but he could not reach it, so every night I would twist my body into all kinds of contortions. I started to try and feel every bone, every crack, just to find “unmovable” spots. it is like learning to feel oneself. Cool!

  3. Thanks for the entire walk-through with your experience Anna, it is in fact about taking on a supportive point for ‘exercising’ and enjoying it, regardless of doing it to get a particular body image/ shape – It’s cool to have the entire run-down with your experience to share a perspective that might not be expected from a regular pilates video. Awesome.

  4. Few years ago I was practicing lot of yoga and then I stopped, since few days I actually started again doing some yoga exercises in the morning, without the spirituality-beliefs, just experiencing my body, becoming aware of my legs, arms, muscles, breath, fingers, skin, to push myself through the physical resistence in the morning to assist and supprort myself to ‘move’ as a body. I was resisting going somewhere outside because yogis are so ‘spiritual’, pilates class might be a good idea! thanks

  5. Cool Anna – I have recently started up my Pilates practice again – been very enjoyable!

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