Surgeon Not Liable for Retained Sponge

Surgeon Not Liable for Retained Sponge
Another ENT surgeon who served as an expert witness for the defense argued that the retained object was most likely not Merocel packing, but material left behind by another surgical team member. After a 3-day trial, the jury concluded on Oct. 3, 2012 …

Kimberley Hainey appeals conviction for murdering son
The judges also heard that another "expert witness", who corroborated Prof Black's report which was prepared for the trial, had an important qualification – he was tall. Mr Targowski said Dr Craig Cunningham was asked to observe Declan's post-mortem …
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Supreme Court: Expert testimony in drug case was improper, but evidence
TRENTON — The state Supreme Court ruled today that a drug trial included improper testimony from an expert witness, but it declined to reverse the conviction because of the overwhelming evidence of the defendant's guilt. Ralph Sowell was convicted of …
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Andre Dawson's highly selective Hall of Fame memories
Putting a microphone in front of his face and asking him to sum up 40 years of history is fundamentally unfair. It is a fundamental misuse of a so-called "expert witness." Dawson can testify to things he saw or was part of, but his understanding of the …
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Fun Quotes

Funny life quotes give you a big smile on your good looking face or bad looking face oh sorry I am joking only smile on your faces. Funny life quotes takes a part of our daily life and they also keep your heart happy. Here are some tips that proves what effect of funny life quotes on your whole body.
Actually, a smiling face, a loving heart, a glowing persona, a life full of laughter and brimming with joy…………….
In short- a healthy body that we all wish to have! Yes you can have one! Your own!! Let us see how?
1- Whenever you pick something to eat, look at what is it giving you- calories or nutrition?
From junk, move towards nutritious.
2- The more natural, the healthier it is. Fruits and vegetables feel very happy when they are washed and eaten raw. Once a week, just be on fruits, vegetables,(raw, boiled, salads, juice) and curd.
3- Say NO to frieds, namkeens, chips and colas. Keep healthy options to snack on; chana; murmur a, roasted/steamed snacks such as dhokla, idly, khandvi, bhelpuri, roasted nuts, soaked almonds almost welcome.
4-breakfast; the most ignored food of the day, should actually be the most important and valued meal.
Never skip breakfast. This will cause you to starve through the day lower your metabolic capacity. Eating a breakfast rich in vitamins is wonderful. This could consist of fruits, mixed vegetable juice/ milk and porridge (high fibre cereals).
5- Remember, no carbohydrates after eight, if you want to lose weight. eat very light dinners. Do not forget to make a soup daily diet ritual for that extra energy and glow.
Now here are some funny life quotes:-
Marriage is an agreement to disagree.
Marriage is an agreement to disagree. It is an acknowledgment of gender difference and their innate emotions. Acknowledging this fact dissolves all the marital problems.
The Secret of happiness

Love is not anticipation from others. Love is something which we give to others. As a parent we give love to our children. Giving love generates happy chemicals in our body. It gives pleasure and satisfaction. The secret of happiness is giving love rather than expecting it.
All the emotional disturbances in a married relationship are results of unrealized ambitions of to be loved, to be respected and fear of abandonment. A fulfilment of these needs by each other sustains the loving marriage relationships.

Five Things You Need to Know Today: Jan. 6

Five Things You Need to Know Today: Jan. 6
… a free concert today at the Newton Free Library. The performance starts at 2 p.m. and will include Schubert's String Quintet in C major, D. 956, selected Quartets by Joseph Haydn as well as contemporary music by The Beatles, Radiohead, Lady Gaga …

How to Prevent Work From Consuming Your Life: An Entrepreneur's Guide
As a relatively new practitioner of Pilates, I can tell you personally that some kind of body conditioning can do wonders for both the body and mind. (Joseph Pilates, the creator of this particular system, believed in the interrelated nature of body …
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Joseph Pilates Birthday Celebration

Video Rating: 5 / 5

“Joe taught me what I need to do to control my body so the Physical Dysfunctions will DISAPPEAR. This is why he called Pilates, Contrology! Pilates is the science of how you control the body through your knowledge. Joe was an amazing man”. Lawrence Hayward The word Contrology explain itself. The first part is control and you tell your body what to do. The “Ology” part is a knowledge so what you know, the structure and function is a knowledge. You take control of the muscles and the nerves and send it to do what they suppose to do and if we don’t – we end up with dysfunctions. If you lean forward and if you’re not doing the way it suppose to, you put you lungs into your stomach, your chest into your kidney or your stomach, and your stomach into your lower body. Your flexors have to be told how to correct it. When you train with me I’ll teach and share with you the Joseph Pilates Authentic way of how you can control your body movements, correct dysfunctions and enhance your sports abilities no matter what sport you do. You will grow so much stronger.

Mortgage Quotes

Are you looking for best Mortgage Quote? This has been the cry of many people to continue with their mortgages. To shop for a mortgage quote is not an easy job, you need time and it is sometime very tedious. This piece of word is going to give you some steps to consider if you want to get a good mortgage quote. Put in your mind that no matter how tedious the work is but it is good to have the best mortgage quote. When you are giving out money, you may not realize it until it has given you thousands of dollars. To get the best mortgage quote for yourself is to get a lender who will provide it for you. Lenders give you the detail information on the mortgage and they also do the work of deciding your credit risk. For many borrowers getting the best quote would mean the lowest rate.
Before you demand for a mortgage there are several factors that you have to take into consideration before comparing mortgage quotes. You must be aware of the factors that lenders think as important, when they prepare a mortgage quote for you.
The type of mortgage you demand influences the rate and quotes for a mortgage. This is because for example when market rates go down, Adjustable rate Mortgages also goes down while interest rates on the fixed mortgages remain constant.
The Loan term also influences your mortgage quotes. If you choose a loan term for 15 years or 30 years, will determine the mortgage quotes you get. Shorter mortgage loan term entails the borrower to pay larger monthly payments while longer loan term of say 30 years will mean smaller monthly payments.
Down payment is a very influential part in determining a mortgage quote. This factor will lower the interest on your loan. The greater the equity on your home, the lesser the chance of your defaulting on the loan. If you make an interesting first time down payment it makes the lender to trust you.
You credit score is also an important factor that is used to determine a mortgage quote. When applying for mortgage quotes, you must take care that you have a qualifying credit score.
The type of property you are buying also determines the quotations on the Loan. Whether it is a single family residence or multi family residence, a mobile home or a condominium.

You must be honest with your loan application because the information you will hand over to them will be verified later, so why not humbly yourself and give them the right information they need? When you are not honest, the people in charge will send you incomplete or bad information concerning the mortgage quote and the amount may be reduced. Through this, it can affect your sales contracts you have planned for. Present the credit you have to your lender dont tell lies because you want to get more. If your are presently with a mortgage quote that does not give you the best, make sure you change it immediately and go for the best one.
You may seek online mortgage quotes or simply go visit companies in person and seek quotes. The place you are buying the property in, the city or the state you live in, the neighborhood, all of these factors will also be considered while determining your mortgage rates. If you have a good credit score and make a fair amount as down payment, you may be fortunate to get lower quotes compared to others.

Author Lawrence Parks Appointed as Advisor to The Gold Standard Now

(PRWEB) December 01, 2012

Lawrence Parks has been appointed to, a project of the Lehrman Institute. Institute founder and Chairman Lewis E. Lehrman said, Dr. Parks has been a leader in educating Americans about the evils inherent in our current fiat money system and about the benefits of an honest monetary system. As a writer, broadcaster, and a noted monetary policy expert of such stature as to have been called as an expert witness before the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy, he has helped Americans understand what a true and honest money system looks like and how it would benefit all working Americans seeking opportunity.

Upon accepting the appointment, Parks said, With the monetary system we have now, the careful saving of a lifetime can be wiped out in the blink of an eye. It is urgent to change our monetary system before it implodes. It is an honor to be associated with Lewis Lehrman in achieving this goal. is a website that provides information about the classical gold standard. The site provides key writings, historical information, breaking news, featured articles from the world media and frequently updated original content.

Dr. Lawrence Parks is the Executive Director of the Foundation for the Advancement of Monetary Education (FAME) and a leading proponent of the fight for honest money. A student of money for more than 30 years, Dr. Parks also studied with free-market economist Murray Rothbard. Dr. Parks is a frequent speaker on what he calls “The Fight for Honest Monetary Weights and Measures.” Dr. Parks is the author of What Does Mr. Greenspan Really Think?, an easy-to-read book about how our monetary system works. Lawrence Parks’s writings have appeared in Pensions & Investments, The Economist, The Washington Times, The Freeman, The Free Market, American Outlook, The United States Congressional Record and National Review. Having broad experience in academia, business and finance, Dr. Parks also holds a Ph.D. in Operations Research from the Polytechnic University.

Currently serving as senior advisors to are Lewis E. Lehrman, founder and chairman of the Lehrman Institute; economist and financial editor, Paul Fabra; Sean Fieler, chairman of the American Principles Project; John D. Mueller, Director of Economics and Ethics program at the Ethics and Public Policy Center; author and journalist, James Grant; economist Steve Hanke; economist and author Judy Shelton; free banking advocate and Professor Lawrence H. White; and as advisors Ralph J. Benko, author, columnist and editor of; Brian Domitrovic, author of Econoclasts: the Rebels Who Sparked the Supply-Side Revolution and Restored American Prosperity and columnist; author Jeffrey Bell, policy director of the American Principles Project; Monetary Policy expert Rich Danker, Project Director of Economics at American Principles Project; Forbes columnist Charles Kadlec; analyst Christopher K. Potter, President of Northern Border Capital Management; conservative leader Frank Cannon, President of the American Principles Project; RealClearMarkets editor John Tamny; and Frank Trotta, President of the Lehrman Institute.

About The Lehrman Institute

The Lehrman Institute is dedicated to public policy, educational and historical research. It was founded in 1972 by Lewis E. Lehrman. The Lehrman Institute has sponsored a wide range of research and discussion in the fields of economics, historical research, foreign policy, and urban policy. is a news and commentary aggregator focused on domestic and international monetary policy issues.

Coroner rules cancer deaths not linked to radiation levels at Manchester

Coroner rules cancer deaths not linked to radiation levels at Manchester
… Coggon of the University of Southampton, who led the university's own independent review into these issues, and Professor John Neoptolemos of Liverpool University, who was instructed as an expert witness by the Coroner as part of the inquest process.
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Vanishing Immunity Deal Throws More Steubenville Players Back in Spotlight
The other two witnesses in the preliminary hearing were connected with law enforcement: Steubenville PD detective J.P. Riegaud, who testified that videos and photos "weren't the only guide" in his investigation; and Joann Gibb, a computer forensic …
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Quannopowitt Players present '8 – The Play'
State attorney Charles Cooper, played by Gordon Ellis, of Waltham, standing, examines expert witness David Blankenhorn, played by Bill Stambaugh, of Belmont, seated, foreground, whose testimony marked a turning point in the case. Looking on are …
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HARC will offer fitness and wellness programs

HARC will offer fitness and wellness programs
Pilates Matwork — Experience peace with the mind-body connection and the techniquest of Joseph Pilates. The program will be held Mondays, Jan. 14 through March 18, from 7:15 to 8:30 a.m. The cost is $ 90 for residents and $ 100 for non-residents …
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Gyms galore
South Shore Health and Racquet Club in St. Joseph Township, which opened in 1976, and the Benton Harbor-St. Joseph YMCA Family Center in Royalton Township, has been around since 1927. Karen Dudiak, South Shore's assistant general manager, said …
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Business & professional briefs
Joseph McDaniel has been hired as director of development for the High School of St. Thomas More. He formerly worked at the Pavilion Hospital, Champaign, as a home/hospital educator. Before his tenure at … Campbell received a bachelor's degree in …
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Why Oncology Medical Expert Witnesses Present Many Options For Trial Attorneys

New Canaan, CT (PRWEB) November 28, 2012

Legal cases involving oncology issues are bound to be emotional and straining on both the plaintiff and defendant. Since most people know someone who has died or beaten cancer, opinions on oncology cases are far and wide. As a trial attorney, understanding the nature of the case and identifying the correct expert, can be challenging at times.

Mednick Associates, a nationwide leading medical expert witness and legal nurse consulting firm, works with and locates numerous oncologists who are able to provide objective opinions on legal cases in a wide array of oncology specialties. Below are some screening questions they consider when faced with a case requiring an oncology expert witness.

1) Medical or Surgical?: Many oncology cases require a medical and surgical oncologist to review and opine. The difference lies in the specialty. A medical oncologist will opine on the nature of the cancer and the diagnosis, while the surgical oncologist will focus on the surgery related to the cancer. At times, they may disagree, which is why Mednick Associates makes sure to screen the case through both experts in order to present a consolidated opinion to their client.

2) What type of oncologist?: Many cancers present in specific parts of the anatomy and numerous physicians can opine on such a diagnosis. However, some such as liver cancer, may present as the cancer spreads throughout the body. Knowing the source of the cancer is important, as an oncologist who specializes in liver cancer may not be appropriate even though the patient presents with liver cancer. Mednick Associates, through their staff RNs, reviews the pertinent medical records, determines the true source of the cancer and finds the appropriate oncologist to opine. This saves time and money for their clients by avoiding unnecessary case reviews.

3) Is a non-oncologist required?: Many times the damages associated with an oncology case stem from issues caused by the cancer, but out of the realm of an oncologist, in terms of an opinion. Sometimes, endocrinologists, general surgeons, or internal medicine experts are required to opine on subsequent care, treatment or follow on procedures.

Mednick Associates handles hundreds of oncology cases per year, whether malpractice, tort or product liability related. With a network of over 75 oncologists and growing, they are able to screen cases quickly, identify the appropriate oncology expert witness and have a case reviewed for a plaintiff or defense attorney. Their experts are physicians first and only devote a small amount of their practice to legal work. This characteristic of their experts allows for a highly credible expert in the courtroom or at deposition. To contact them for further information on oncology or other medical expert specialties, please call 203.966.3000 or reach them online at