Expert Witness Janeen DeMarte on Jodi Arias: Personality Disorder & “Inappropriate Intense Anger”

Prosecutor Juan Martinez’s first rebuttal witness, psychologist Janeen DeMarte, describes Jodi Arias as strange, immature and having borderline personality d…
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20 thoughts on “Expert Witness Janeen DeMarte on Jodi Arias: Personality Disorder & “Inappropriate Intense Anger”

  1. Borderline to a T! I had the misfortune of dating one of these monsters for 4 months! Thats about how long they can keep the act up, and the real them starts to come out. If you call them on their bullshit they run and find someone else, but they always come back! I’m dealing with her stalking me after 6 months after breaking up. Like someone else said RUN! They are very dangerous! Don’t let them in your life! If you do keep your guard up, because when they are mad they will hurt you!!!!!

  2. Wrong. It’s extremely rare that a woman would kill a man in such a way. Women are worse and more devious, they use poision or make it look like an accident, which is harder to track. I’m pretty sure that’s why there are at least as many female murderers out there than male. Btw, even in the case of JA you have some backstabbing.

  3. Lol. It is extremely rare for a woman to kill a man over anything. That’s why this case has gotten so much attention. Men stalk, rape, brutalise, torture and kill women every single second of the day and night. Every time you take a breath, extreme abuse and murder of a woman by a man is taking place somewhere on this earth. Men stalk and kill women so often, it barely makes the news anymore.

  4. theyre part of the cause. Borderline btw is not mental illness but a personality disorder

  5. To all the men out there: If you ever meet a woman that is showing signs of Borderline Personality Disorder – run, run as far as you can.

  6. Probably the best analysis of JA’s mental health (or sickness).

  7. I don’t think so, she doesn’t appear this way. She’s good in hiding her anger, and that fits borderline personality disorder better.

  8. they could have been part of the environmental factors that cause the mental illness, or just ignorant of the signs of mental illness.

  9. its damn close, but I feel Histrionic personality disorder fits better

  10. Now i understand everything….Jodi is simply mentally ill. That makes me see through it all. I feel so sorry for her and her family. They should have seen these abnormalities within her and gotten help for her but they didn’t. Now they reap what they’ve sown….

  11. She was disliked because Travis spent his entire time lying about her to his friends, for a very good reason.

  12. I am in a FOG, perhaps I need to review Jodi’s story…

    She takes pix of Travis in the buff, she drops his new expensive Olympus camera and he insults her for being an asshole. She remembers his rant from back in May (with a grudge - the abuse). She’s pisssed and goes for the gun, BANG to the head, it jams, “oh shit!”. Travis did not expect this, and perhaps says “I’ll kill you – frucking bitch” for shooting him. Jodi panics and gets the KNIFE. Travis is in WTF is going on mode… (continued)

  13. …2: Jodi goes PSYCHO BITCH on him with the knife and catches Travis off gurard again! He could have easily overpowered and subdued her, or even killed her in self defense. IF this was self defense on Jodi’s part, he’d win a fight with her, i.e. she’d lose in self defense, she’d be dead, not Travis. BUT she won because she had it planned and cought him totally off guard. Travis was in flee mode after the knife attack, not so much fight mode, he was too wounded to fight off a crazy bitch.

  14. Arias intrusively having going to the Hughes residence in an act of confrontation and intimidation (demanding an answer to why she was disliked) then being told to leave and then refusing in again another act, this time showing immaturity and defiance.

    Hello Arias get a clue … You’re a P-S-Y-C-H-O-P-A-T-H

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