Pilates produces Pippa’s perfect posterior

London (PRWEB UK) 20 May 2011

A leading health club group is reporting a massive surge in Pilates classes enquiries following news that Pippa Middleton credits the invigorating exercise for her breathtaking bum.

Staff at the Esporta groups 55 health clubs have been inundated with enquiries from ladies and men looking to include Pilates as a part of their workout.

In fact, bosses have been forced to schedule additional sessions and bring in more Pilates teachers to meet members desire for a cutie booty.

Class attendance has seen an increase of 20% and in a number of clubs we are having to put on twice as many classes to cope with demand from members. Esporta timetables change every three months and more time is being dedicated to Pilates than ever before.

Commercial director Mark Taylor comments: Were not at all surprised that Pilates produced Pippas perfect posterior.

Those in the know have long appreciated the role of Pilates in helping to achieve that dream physique, but the Pippa Middleton sensation has really brought the exercise to the attention of the masses.

The exercise class has been free to our members for years and has always proved popular, but the level of enquiries since the Royal Wedding, and especially in the last 24 hours since confirmation of the magic formula was unveiled, has been incredible Ive never experienced anything like it.

Pilates is an incredibly effective and versatile technique and a far cry from the hippy exercise people sometimes think it is.

Miss Middletons peachy posterior has become a worldwide sensation since Prince William and her sister Kates wedding on 29 April. Thousands of column inches have been dedicated to it, while 225,000 Facebook users have joined the Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society.


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