P.D. James – Death of an Expert Witness

P.D. James – Death of an Expert Witness

P.D. James - Death of an Expert Witness

  • This miniseries is adapted from P.D. James’s popular novel of the same name and features Commander Adam Dalgliesh, the popular protagonist from many of James’s previous books. Here, Dalgliesh is investigating the death of a forensic scientist named Edwin Lorrimer who also happens to be an expert witness. Though it is almost immediately assumed that the murderer is one of Lorrimer’s col

Chief Superintendent Adam Dalgliesh of Scotland Yard, young for his senior rank and suffering the effects of his own personal tragedy, wades through a complex web of desperation, revenge, blackmail and secret love to solve a series of murders at a government forensic lab.Dalgliesh has been hunting a “back seat strangler” in London. When a young woman is found strangled, her body sprawled over the back seat of a car abandoned in a bleak country quarry, he is rushed to the scene. Convinced that th

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