Saved by the App

Saved by the App
I' m an ethics junkie. Morning, noon, and night, I think about ethical issues, whether it's for this column, my work as a lawyer, or as an expert witness on legal ethics. However, it has become clear that those closest to me are tired of hearing me …
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Mladic Trial Witness on Wartime Desecrations in Bosnia
An expert witness who gave testimony in the trial of former Bosnian Serb army chief Ratko Mladic this week described the destruction of religious sites during the war. Andras Riedlmayer is director of a documentation centre for Islamic architecture …
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Amanda Knox's ex-lover pleads for acquittal
In other testimony Wednesday, expert witness Andrea Berti testified about a minute new DNA trace from a kitchen knife prosecutors have pointed to as a possible murder weapon. Berti said it appeared to match Knox's DNA, but not the DNA of Kercher, …
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