Q&A: How can a beam of light suck something into a spaceship?

Question by yeh: How can a beam of light suck something into a spaceship?
The old way of describing a UFO used to feature this explanation. It’s also been featured in some older movies. I always wondered what mechanism people drunk on moonshine- I mean “witnesses”- thought these aliens were using. What do the ufo experts have to say about it?

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Answer by Larry454
I am sorry, but there is no such thing as a “ufo expert.” Being a “ufo expert” would be equivalent to being a “20 foot talking spider” expert or a “singing purple dinosaur eating a Twinkie” expert.

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: How can a beam of light suck something into a spaceship?

  1. Umm.. I am definitely **not** a UFO expert – under anyone’s basic definitions.
    However I do understand a few thngs about the general ‘flying spaceship aliens’ stories (studied them for years as a youth), and I understand a wee bit about technology (as a mechanical engineer).

    Let us make a supposition (just for the sake of what such a mysterious ‘ray’ might be) – – namely, that extra-terrestrial alens have been visiting the Earth, with technology beyond our own, and using some sort of visible ‘ray-beam’ to draw peaople, animals or objects into the aforesaid flying spaceship.
    (I don’t believe such is the case, but let us go with it for now…)

    To start with the *specific* question you asked – I would doubt very much that people that claim to have witnessed (or experienced) such an event have spent much time wondering about the mechanism involved. By a similar token, the vast majority of people from 1600’s Europe would not spend much time wondering about the power-mechanisms of a modern automobile that might show up on a cobblestone road outside the local village. ”It’s -magic-” covers a *lot* of ground. (Even today, some variation on this ‘explanation’ seems to do wonders for most people)
    And to be honest, when confronted by such a drastic technological gap, fear and running away would likely be a very good survival tactic.

    That aside…
    In general – what *might* be such a mechanism? Well, a poly-phasic ray, of some future technology, could perhaps cause some form of magnetic attraction to a directed target. However, such a spectrum of radiation/magnetism could very well cause energy discharges in the intervening air (or atmospheric moisture). Such discharges would glow in all directions, but to an observer off to one side, it might very well appear to be a glowing shaft of light that is drawing in the target (rather than an invisible beam of specialized magnetism, that is causing an incidental light display)

    But like I said – I’m certainly no expert.

  2. I have seen a UFO. I therefore know that they exist. U.F.O. Unidentified Flying Object. (as long as we agree that anything appearing in the air is “flying”). Since I, to this day, do not know what is was, it remains unidentified. There is no logic is confusing alien spacecraft with UFOs. If they are alien ships, then they are NOT “unidentified”. But language does not have to conform to my expectations.
    There are several explanations that occur to me.
    1. That is simply theatrical window dressing, similar to the “light” ray of a StarTrek phaser.
    2. That is a description of the optical nerve activation that occurs in a person in the “field of action”.
    3. That it is leakage from a high energy beam of some sort.
    Examine them a bit more closely.
    Explanation 1 indicates that the aliens are manipulating us. This is consistent with the idea that some people retain memories of such encounters “accidentally”. There virtually certainly won’t be anything “accidental” in intentional alien encounters. The purpose of such theatre is not obvious to me.
    Explanation 2 suggests that the field has large effects on the nervous system. This suggests that the technology would severely damage anyone in the field. Intense magnetic fields are known to cause
    optical effects, but little of our body is ferromagnetic, and any magnetic field strong enough to lift us would kill us by ‘frying’ our blood. One possible way out is that the optical effect is the memory of the rapid destruction of our body in the process of teleportation (which it is assumed requires atomic level analysis of our molecular structure to retain our memories and physiological history.
    Explanation 3 is problematical since the energy intensity large enough to cause molecular (or atomic) excitation of the air would (see #2) damage our bodies severely.

  3. They were obviously thinking of the transporter from Star Trek, or some other science fiction show where people were broken down into data and transported as light waves.

    I don’t quite understand how someone can be a “UFO expert”.

  4. UFOs? You mean objects that can easily travel at speeds 4 or 5 times faster than our best and most efficient jet fighter aircraft, and can make right angle turns that would destroy a typical jet aircraft and kill its pilot, instantly? Crafts that can hover completely still with no noise, then accelerate to many g’s within the span of a few seconds, or completely cloak itself in a matter of a second or two. Yes, indeed, that sounds like one of the government’s or military experimental aircraft to me. If we had such technology, do you think that the government or the military could keep it a secret? We all know that the government and the military can’t keep anything a secret for very long. Ultimately, someone would leak the information to the media.

    I do not know about UFOs. However, I do know for a fact that there exists a classified technology today that can create something similar to a tracker-beam. This technology can produce a true ‘vacuum’ anywhere in mid-space, mid-air, between any two material objects. This vacuum can pull, suck, one structural object toward another structural object within limits. And that is just a fraction of the capability of this classified technology. What I have said here is potentially demonstrable and provable, using the right sensing technology and transducers, the effects are detectable and recordable. There is a full array of sensing instruments that could be used to verify all that I am claiming here. I have done it effectively using simple amplified piezoelectric transducer elements. Nonetheless, better, more sensitive transducers could capture far more information and projected physical effects than I have been able to.

    This classified technology is clearly beyond the scope of our best scientists and engineers, in my opinion. if the technology in question is real, and it IS real, it had to come from somewhere.

    Best regards

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