Naughty Pilates – A New, Fresh, Fun Mixture of Burlesque and Pilates is Here

Memphis, TN (PRWEB) September 8, 2005

Naughty Pilates is a new kind of Pilates video that is geared toward a young-at-heart, hip audience that is tired of the usual, straightforward exercise videos that are currently on the market. Christine Gladney, a personal trainer and Pilates instructor from New York, who recently relocated back to her hometown of Memphis, has meshed two of her favorite pastimes to give you an entertaining and fun way to work out. She has taken the old style of Burlesque and Vaudeville and mixed it with the tried and true method developed by Joseph Pilates – to bring you Burlates.

Having been the recipient of many Pilates videos donated by various friends & family members who quickly became bored with them, Christine was inspired to find a way to make this practice fun and accessible to even the most diehard ADD sufferers. She found that many would-be Pilates devotees were intimidated by instructors with the bodies of ballerinas and the seriousness of monks, and as a practitioner of these practices herself, Christine is a firm believer in the benefits, so she made it her mission to make Pilates fun. The exercises are done with responsibility and respect to the technique, but in a way that is exciting and entertaining. They are demonstrated by real people with real flaws and real limitations with a great sense of humor.

The music is so great, the costumes are so fabulous, the scenes are so colorful and the jokes are so funny it makes you forget you are actually exercising. For example, we have:

The Roll-Up on pool tables, in cowgirl costumes, using pool cues – this exercise works the abs and stretches the spine and lower back.

The 100’s performed on a bar with martini shakers – this exercise works the abs.

The Cobra and the Cat/Cow performed on the hood of a ‘55 Cadillac parked on the banks of the

Mississippi River – this exercise works and stretches the lower back.

And Christine’s own Pilates inspired exercise called the Shimmy-Shimmy-Shake works the abs like nothing you have never tried before.

For the record, Naughty Pilates is, in the tradition of true Burlesque – G rated, of course. It’s purpose is to empower women with a sense of their own potential. And for the guys – well, we think they will love it too!

About the instructor:

“NO” is just not a word in Christine Gladney’s vocabulary. Although it may sound likea cliche, for her it is the gospel truth. She is a woman driven by a blind confidence that continuously opens new doors and allows her to expand and revel in her creativity. A dancer, choreographer, playwright, actor, singer, photographer and muse – Christine is a performance artist with no boundaries.

With a resume that is as varied as she is, Christine has danced on stage with Project: Motion and co-founded the theatre/dance company, New Bridge Ensemble. She fronted her own band, Sugarpush; appeared in high budget films like “The People vs. Larry Flynt” and low budget films such as “Hustle & Flow” Director Craig Brewer’s first film, “The Poor & Hungry” along with the cult classics of John Michael McCarthy. Christine co-founded Memphis’ first Burlesque troupe, Memphis Confidential and has produced, directed, choreographed and starred in countless shows.

After several years of hard starlet labor, Christine moved to New York City and begana whole new path. Studying Pilates, yoga and other healing arts, she worked as a trainer in several fitness centers including the Trump Hotel Spa, David Barton Gym, and Eastern Athletics just to name a few. She was requested by Israel’s Former Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to check his weight lifting form and asked by Aerosmith’s Stephen Tyler to teach him her style of “dancelike” yoga. She also invented her Punk Rock Pilates classes to give her money-challenged friends a cheaper alternative to the rising price of conventional Pilates classes.

Upon returning to her hometown of Memphis, Christine finally found a way to marry all of her differing talents. By combining her love for performance, comedy, and local music with her well honed skills in Pilates and yoga, she has created a new and truly entertaining version of Burlesque and Pilates – Naughty Pilates.

In different publications, Christine has been dubbed a Kamakaze Superstar and a Guerilla Starlet. Along with these credentials, she earned a certification from the Kelly Kane School of Core Integration in NYC and a Reiki Level Three Master Certification.

For more information and to see and hear samples of the video, please visit:

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