New Washington, D.C. Program for Performing Artists Debunks “No Pain No Gain ” Paradigm

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) October 23, 2003

“No pain no gain ” has long been the mantra for athletes and fitness buffs. Though we don’t often associate this mind-set with performing artists, training and performing with chronic pain and injury is as common onstage as it is in the gym. Now two Washington D.C. women have joined forces to reverse this trend. Former professional ballet dancer, Andrea Higgins, who holds a master’s degree in dance and specializes in the integration of somatic movement education with traditional dance training methods, and Alexander Technique instructor Lynn Brice Rosen, of Art-In-Movement, are melding their expertise. Their mission: to help performing artists approach their training more intelligently and with greater ease, through a series of custom-designed movement workshops that take a proactive approach to injury prevention. In Jan. 2004, the two will launch a comprehensive 12-week workshop in N.W. Washington D.C., geared towards pre-professional dancers, musicians, singers, and actors (ages 16 and older). The workshop will provide an in-depth experience of the theories and practices developed by three legendary movement educators of the Twentieth Century: Joseph Pilates, F.M. Alexander, and Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. Performing artists will frequently turn to somatic movement education only after an injury has sidelined them, but by integrating these methods with daily training practices, artists can find a healthier means of pursuing their passion and extending their careers. For further information call 202-333-7702, or e-mail:

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