2 thoughts on “How to Find a Forensic Expert Witness: Expert Witness Services – St. Louis, Atlanta, Chicago

  1. How to Find a Forensic Expert Witness – Places to look when searching for
    an expert include expert witness directories, expert witness services and
    social media sites – LinkedIn or Google+. Check out this video for more
    info. #forensicexpert #expertwitnessservices #valuation 

  2. Alternatively, find a law firm that has singled out a lone expert in a
    particular field. For example, I am proud to be the forensic economist of
    choice of three law firms in California, Nevada, and Utah. These firms have
    already performed the sifting process, saving you time and money in
    separating the wheat from the chaff. Best of luck finding your expert,
    Counselors. Thomas A. Climo, Forensic Economist, Las Vegas, NV.

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