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Responsibility: Judd Robbins
115 works in 194 publications in 12 languages and 3,081 library holdings

Distributor: Atlas Books
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Expert Witness Training
ISBN # 978-1-928564-22-5
LCCN # 2009909573
OCLC # 456174812
Info: 302pg, 6″x9″, Index, Glossary
Target Audience: Professionals
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Pilates Evolution
ISBN # 978-1-928564-91-1
LCCN # 2012935680
OCLC # 777629661
Info: 256pg, 6″x9″, Index, Glossary
Target Audience: Fitness buffs
Librarian Price: $9.97 (+$3 Shipping)
Expert Witness Training

Contains practical details about becoming, being, and succeeding as an expert witness. Includes explanations of qualifications, opinion formation and expression, and jury persuasion. Features 100+ tactics for use by professionals.

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Pilates Evolution

This title includes Pilates original two works and 10 new chapters on the latest 21st Century Pilates techniques. Want to know how Pilates developed from the beginning with a list of resources to further your study? This book provides the answers.

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