McEntire Workout Method leads the industry with an inovative and reputable curriculum

ROCHESTER, MI (PRWEB) April 14, 2004 –

The recent Pilates fad has created many imitation programs and unqualified instructors. McEntire Workout Method provides a comprehensive curriculum that meets the needs of the students by delivering an education in teaching mindful movement.

A decade in the making, McEntire Workout Method was developed by Director Trent McEntire. Using personal knowledge from his experience as a professional dancer, McEntire refined and created a unique and comprehensive Pilates curriculum that meets the needs of everyone, regardless of age, occupation or fitness level.

McEntire Workout Method is the only Michigan based Pilates Certification Company, and Michigan’s only corporate member of the Pilates Method Alliance. The company also operates two beautiful Metro Detroit studios in Downtown Rochester and West Bloomfield. With the largest facilities in Michigan, both studios provide the opportunity for mat and machine work.

McEntire Workout Method is expanding Pilates with integrity. The extensive curriculum and training process created by McEntire has led the McEntire Workout Method to become one of the strongest Pilates programs in the country. McEntire Workout Method has proven to be a resource to students that are unsatisfied with other Pilates programs that they have attended.

A variety of private and group classes are offered weekly at both studios. Work is performed on machines such as the Cadillac, Chair and Reformer, which was developed around the premise of the original work by Joseph Pilates. Enhanced by the uniqueness of the McEntire Workout Method, this mind-body fitness curriculum has been tailored to produce an exclusive well-balanced workout for all. The McEntire staff can provide sensible answers to the questions that surface while working with clients.

The McEntire Network represents an international group of people dedicated to teaching excellence and the quality of Pilates program content. Providing tangible mental and physical benefits for personal and client training, members experience training and support that is unable to be found anywhere else around the world.

In order to be qualified to instruct their own clients in McEntire Workout Method, members must thoroughly complete both knowledge and demonstrative training courses. Qualified members include McEntire Certified teachers, Master Teachers, and licensed studios. The continuous strive by the McEntire staff to expand pure mind-body fitness can be experienced through their dedicated teaching throughout United States. The McEntire Network has applied the most comprehensive mind-body fitness curriculum into an original and innovative experience.

While continuing to promote Pilates training with integrity, the McEntire staff has created The Pilates Movement Challenge. The challenge will include the first international Pilates conference and competitive event incorporating the complex fitness program of Pilates. The inaugural dual educational experience will be held this spring at the McEntire Workout Method studio in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Please visit for more information.

Trent McEntire