SpeechPro Forensic Audio Workstation Reveals Identity of Mr. Hidden Cash in California

Los Angeles (PRWEB) June 23, 2014

SpeechPro, a global leader in audio forensics and voice biometrics, was recently featured in an Inside Edition exposé to confirm the identity of Mr. Hidden Cash, an anonymous benefactor who’d been leaving packets of money around cities in California.

A nationwide frenzy to determine the identity of the Mr. Hidden Cash concluded when Inside Edition engaged Kent Gibson, an audio forensics expert and owner of Forensic Audio in Los Angeles, to validate his identity using SpeechPro’s SIS II Voice ID module. The verdict? It was a match for a San Francisco real estate broker named Jason Buzi.

Billing himself as an “anonymous social experience for good,” Mr. Hidden Cash posts clues to where he’s hidden money on his Twitter page, which now has more than 600,000 followers. The voice of Mr. Hidden Cash was recorded previously during an interview in Los Angeles, when a news crew caught him hiding envelopes of money in a neighborhood park. Acting on a tip, Inside Edition then found a podcast featuring Jason Buzi and confronted him to ask if he is Mr. Hidden Cash.

Using SpeechPro’s Voice ID software, Gibson was then able to quickly match the voice on both voice samples with very high certainty. “SpeechPro comes to the rescue for most of my forensic audio needs,” Gibson said. “The voice recognition module is unsurpassed in ease of operation and proven reliability, as shown in the results of a NIST 2014 competition.”

At first Buzi denied being Mr. Hidden Cash, but when confronted with Gibson’s results, he admitted during the Inside Edition broadcast that he is indeed the secret benefactor.

“Kent Gibson is one of many advanced audio forensics experts using SpeechPro products to clean, analyze and confirm the identity of persons of interest,” said Steve Eccher, business development manager for SpeechPro. Eccher was formerly with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Investigation and has worked with law enforcement entities to identify and apprehend suspects and to identity benefactors like Mr. Hidden Cash.

About SpeechPro

SpeechPro is a global leader in development of cutting-edge solutions in speech recording, processing, analysis and voice biometrics. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, SpeechPro has the expertise and experience to deliver innovative solutions for law enforcement and commercial customers.

SpeechPro’s strength of technology comes from their 400 employees, including a world-class R&D team of over 150 specialists, including 28 PhDs. Their R&D capability allows them to quickly respond to the market’s demands, developing and customizing high-quality solutions in a timely manner. SpeechPro’s global distribution networks of 200 resellers and partners have deployed products in over 74 countries. SpeechPro’s core expertise lies in audio recording, forensic audio analysis, audio enhancement and voice biometrics.

About Forensic Audio

Kent Gibson, owner of Forensic Audio in Los Angeles, works with audio and video evidence for litigation and for private use. He can enhance, restore and authenticate recordings in any format. He specializes in making a barely discernible voice intelligible for a jury. He is certified voice print analyst and expert using SIS II, Sound Cleaner 2 and EdiTracker. He is qualified as an expert witness for audio and video and is experienced with certified transcripts, forensic examiner declarations, expert analysis and other litigation support. Gibson is on the LA Superior Court’s expert witness list and also is a contract examiner for the LA County Sheriff’s Department.

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