AccuScreen’s Kevin Connell to Speak on Risks Involved in Social Media Screening at Annual HR Legal Conference

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) May 08, 2014

Kevin Connell, CEO and Founder of, will discuss in detail today’s best practices when it comes to social media and the hiring process at the Greater Pensacola Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) Legal Conference May 14 in Pensacola, FL.

Social and professional networking sites have become enormously popular ways to connect with friends and colleagues, as the following user statistics show:

Facebook(TM), over 1.2 billion users

LinkedIn(TM), 300 million

Twitter(TM), 241 million

Google Plus (+)(TM), 540 million

Instagram(TM), 200 million

Pinterest(TM), 20 million

Source: Pew Research Center

Social networking sites also present a tempting source of information for employers. A 2013 study by CareerBuilder found that 39% of hiring managers use social media websites to research job candidates. Additionally, research conducted recently by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), indicate 30% of respondents used the information found on a social media website to disqualify the job candidate.

“Screening a job candidate by viewing their online profiles presents numerous legal and ethical challenges for businesses,” Connell said. “If a hiring manager is looking at someone’s Facebook(TM) page, depending on privacy settings, the information revealed will most likely include the candidate’s race, ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs, political opinions, just to name a few. All of the things that a job candidate could use in an allegation of discrimination.”

“What has been seen cannot be unseen,” Connell stated. “You can try all you want to compartmentalize the information you just viewed, but when it comes down to it, if you throw a skunk into the jury box, you can’t instruct the jury not to smell it.”

Employers who choose to use social networking sites when screening candidates must use care to avoid attaining and using information in a discriminatory way. They need to ensure they are in compliance and do not break privacy laws, as well as be sure that the information obtained is accurate. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) wants to make sure employers are adhering to laws when searching the web on potential employees as well. In a meeting March 12, 2014, EEOC Chair Jacqueline A. Berrien stated, “This meeting has helped the EEOC understand how social media is being used in the employment context and what impact it may have on the laws we enforce and on our mission to stop and remedy discriminatory practices in the workplace.”

The conference will be held from 8:15 am – 4:45 pm at The Crowne Plaza Hotel, 200 E. Gregory St, Pensacola FL 32501. Registration, continental breakfast and Vendor Fair will begin at 7:45 am.

Please take a moment and view the following video message from Kevin Connell, Chairman: Legal Conference Attendees Video

About Kevin Connell

Kevin Connell is the CEO and Founder of, a global background screening firm headquartered in Tampa, Florida. He served as Director on the first Board of Directors of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). Mr. Connell is recognized for his expertise on employee screening, criminal background checks, advanced internet research and open source intelligence. He has provided research and testimony as an expert witness in court cases. He was on the adjunct faculty of the University of South Florida for over a decade. He has spoken at numerous business, security and human resources conferences, including twice providing testimony before the Florida Supreme Court. He is widely quoted, is a published author, and has been featured on television, including Fox News and ABC News. Connell’s business experience spans over a quarter of a century.


Established 20 years ago in 1994, has been an industry pioneer and leader in employment background screening, specializing in criminal background checks. Its reports are delivered to companies across the world accurately and quickly with turnaround times from instantly to 72 hours.

Media Contact:

Gertie Mallard-Teal


410 S. Ware Blvd. Suite 607

Tampa, FL 33619

1.813.837.1920 Ext # 1104

Expert Witness – enhance the strength of your legal case

When it comes to winning a case in court you need to make sure that everything is running in your favour. You’ll need to make use of as many favourable witnesses as you can to support your claims and demands. Without witnesses in your support your case will fall before it has begun. However, despite having said this, there are some types of case which don’t require witnesses to reach success. One of the most common of these is personal injury claims. To win at this case you’re going to need the services of a medico-legal firm.

These companies boast a range of certified professionals from doctors to solicitors who have the skills needed to bring your case to justice. One of their most fundamental assets is their ability to offer you an expert witness. Despite the name, the term does not refer to people who have seen a crime with their own eyes! They are certified professionals who are called upon to court to offer their expertise on a fact or piece of evidence that the judge isn’t sure on. In terms of your personal injury, an expert witness can validate your injuries and even explain how they happened. Expert witnesses can be provided by the court but if your case is only for a small claim you’re probably going to need to produce your own.

What to look for from a medico-legal company?

Expert witnesses can normally be found from medico-legal companies. It’s up to you to find the right
one to acquire services from.

Certified: Although any medical professional will be helpful to your case it is in your best interest to ensure that they are also certified. They will obviously need to be registered as an expert witness but should hopefully also be certified by the GMC (General Medical Council) and by the MDU (Medical Defence Union). This will help to heighten the authenticity of their expert opinion.

Successful: Many medico-legal companies will be more than happy to list a ‘testimonials’ page or a ‘previous clients’ page on their website. Check these sections out and learn which cases their expert witnesses have supported before. If they have a solid track record you can be confident in their ability to help win your case.

Fairly Priced: Your personal injury claim will be more than likely to sue for compensation in order to cover your time off of work. If you hire an expert witness who costs the earth it will defeat the point of your claim altogether. Use the internet to compare and contrast a vast range of companies to find a company who can offer you a reasonable price.

An expert witness can drastically enhance the strength of your case/claim. For personal injuries especially, their experience in the medical world can affirm to a judge the seriousness of your injuries and help in securing you the money that you deserve.

Don’t let the guilty get away with their crime – utilise an Expert Witness and unleash the legal power of a professional opinion.

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Adrian J. Adams, Esq. to Present “The Davis-Stirling Act Has Changed – Be Ready for 2014” at CAI Legal Forum:California Communities on October 18, 2013

Irvine, California (PRWEB) October 17, 2013

At this year’s CAI Legal Forum:California Communities, Adrian J. Adams, Esq. will be presenting, “The Davis-Stirling Act Has Changed – Be Ready for 2014”. This educational session addresses the history of the making of the Davis-Stirling Act and examines the recently passed rewrite, which goes into effect January 1, 2014. The “rewrite” simplifies, renumbers and reorganizes the Act into Civil Code 4000-6150. The discussion will focus on what board members can expect and covers new FHA guidelines, executive meetings, email communications, confidentiality, personnel/vendor contracts and insurance, and meeting minutes.

The 2013 CAI Legal Forum is scheduled to take place at the Irvine Marriott located at 18000 Von Karman Ave Irvine on October 18. This special one-day educational event, offers two education programsone for community managers and one for board members and other homeowner leaders. Sessions are presented by expert panels, including government officials, seasoned management professionals and members of the prestigious College of Community Association Lawyers, a professional organization that represents the very best attorneys in the industry.

Community Associations Institute (CAI) is an international organization dedicated to building better communities and provides education and resources to community association homeowner leaders, professional managers, association management companies and other businesses and professionals who provide products and services to community associations.

Anyone who lives in, works for or provides services to a California community association will leave the event more informed, more engaged and better able to contribute to a successful community.

Adrian J. Adams, Esq. is the principal of Adams Kessler PLC, a law firm specializing in the representation of common interest developments throughout California. In addition to corporate and litigation work, Adrian is legal advisor on condominium law and smoke-free housing issues to the Technical Assistance Legal Center, a project of the Public Health Institute. He frequently speaks for industry organizations on homeowners association topics, including legal updates and board educational training programs. He serves as an expert witness on standards of care involving association boards and managers., the award winning website and weekly newsletter with a subscriber base of over 18,000 were both created and are written by Adrian J. Adams.

Adams Kessler PLC is one of Californias premier homeowners association law firms. The firm represents a mixture of small and large homeowner, mixed-use, senior, commercial and recreational associations throughout California. Adams Kessler PLC focuses on providing its clients with exceptional legal services in a cost effective manner. Their attorneys are extremely knowledgeable about common interest development law and are well qualified to handle the myriad of legal issues faced by community associations and their directors.


For more information or to register, visit or call CAI Member Services at (888) 224-4321 (M-F, 9-6:30 ET)

For more information on this subject or to schedule an interview with Adrian J. Adams, Esq., please contact Nathalie Ross at (800) 464-2817 or nathalie(at)davis-stirling(dot)com.

Survey By News Blog Show Significant Increase In Use of Litigation Support For Modern Corporate Legal Defense Strategies

Astoria, New York (PRWEB) December 27, 2012

Popular news Blog reveals the findings of a survey conducted on mid to large size corporations which suggests that a growing number of these corporations are employing teams of litigation support specialists for guidance in legal proceedings and strategies. These teams of legal specialists take a comprehensive approach to the law because they are typically made up of former prosecutors, ex-law enforcement officials, attorneys, corporate investigators, forensic accountants, computer forensic specialists and journalists.

The results of the survey in fact showed that among executives conducting business internationally, employing a litigation support services team was rated nearly as important as conducting due diligence prior to finalizing a merger or business transaction. Other topics of great importance to executives conducting business internationally included matters relating to corruption internationally and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), background http://www.nar [investigations __title__ investigations] of potential employees, consultants, vendors and business partners as well as the tracing of assets internationally.

The findings regarding the importance of litigation support among respondents is not surprising given the increasing complexity of the corporate and legal landscape faced by enterprises today.

Litigation support typically involves the use of team that operates independently from the lead litigation team. These specialized teams focused on supporting the lead counsel offer various forms of critical support. Among the litigation support activities listed as most important according to the findings of the survey were: the designing and building of custom tailored investigative plans, the finding and interviewing of potential witnesses in the support of legal strategies for litigation efforts, the analysis of information and raw data to uncover its potential for use in evidence, investigations into the credentials of potential expert witnesses, the tracing and locating of financial assets across borders, and investigations into the nature of undisclosed relationships between parties.

According to one survey respondent: When faced with potentially harmful allegations, hiring a team of professionals in litigation and business intelligence can mean the difference between the life and death of a business you have worked so hard to build. Every company big and small needs a team of legal professionals for guidance and support through difficult times,.

About is an online news Blog dedicated to educating its readers on a multitude of topics ranging from cutting edge technological advancements, financial market and global business news, politics, health information technology, telecommunictions, software and mobile technology, Internet marketing and more. A purely digital organization, is committed to gathering and reporting on information that will enhance the lives of their readers and is always at the forefront of technology news and events giving its readers insights, entertainment, and quality information to use for themselves and their businesses.

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