The Main Advantages of Pilates

Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates, a German from Düsseldorf. Joseph developed his system during his rehabilitation work with patients in hospitals. Later, after immigrating to America he opened up a studio in New York with his wife with the aim of bringing his unique exercise system to the public.

The basis of Pilates is designed to elongate, stretch and strengthen the body to its natural poise and balance. It includes a range of exercises that strengthen the muscles resulting in a firm, sleek and toned body. 

As well as strengthening the body Pilates focuses on improving your body’s alignment and posture through gentle and rhythmic movements. It is also beneficial for people with back problems as it helps to increase the body’s flexibility and agility.

As well as the physical benefits Pilates can also improve your mental and emotional well being by making you more aware of your body and how it functions, which many of us take for granted.

The exercises make you concentrate on your breathing and co-ordinating this with each movement you make. The deep breathing enables you to focus more effectively and heightens the awareness of your body. Unlike other mainstream exercise methods, Pilates emphasizes more importance on the quality rather than the quantity of body movements. 

Joseph Pilates believed that a strong abdomen was the core to developing a strong and agile body. The abdomen or core is where the bodies strength originates and a key focus of Pilates is building and strengthening your abdominals.

Many people are concerned that Pilates is strenuous like certain types of yoga and that you need to be fit and healthy to do it. This is not true because Pilates is developed from rehabilitation methods and techniques that were originally used to bring injured patients back to health. You will find that Pilates is a low impact exercise where many of the exercises are carried out while in a sitting or reclining position. 

With its roots originating in rehabilitation, Pilates uses a holistic approach by targeting all muscles groups in the body. That is why people who begin the exercises discover muscles they never knew they had before. This holistic approach creates more balance, improved posture and overall better health.

Over the years Pilates has become more and more popular. Many sports stars recovering from injury have endorsed it as playing a major role in getting them back to health. Pilates is also growing in popularity with film stars and celebrities who use it successfully to help them lose weight and tone their body. If you’re out of shape and are looking for a low impact exercise to help you lose weight then give Pilates a go.

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