Chairman to Share Internet Advanced Research Techniques for Loss Prevention Executives

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) May 30, 2014

Kevin Connell, chairman of, will demonstrate the advanced Internet research and investigative skills that are essential for all loss prevention professionals, especially for those that investigate fraud and theft, during the National Retail Federation Loss Prevention Conference and Expo, June 12 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Having advanced Internet research and investigative skills are an essential requirement at all levels of loss prevention. Many valuable sources of Intel are unknown and untapped by loss prevention professionals who simply “don’t know what they don’t know.”

Connell will reveal today’s most current, comprehensive and cutting-edge Internet research techniques. Being unfamiliar with these techniques can result in many valuable sources of intelligence going unknown and untapped. The fact is, acquiring useful and relevant Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) requires much more than just the ability to surf the Web.

“Finding the right information for retailers isn’t simply a matter of entering a magical keyword or phrase into Google and abracadabra, you found exactly what you needed,” Connell said. “Most people are searching the Web like they did five or ten years ago, they simply don’t know what they don’t know about online searching. I’ll show attendees how to go off the beaten path and develop a new range of powerful skill sets. My goal is to make attendees more effective and efficient online.”

Attendees will learn how to:

    Conduct due diligence using the Internet
    Find more information in less time when online
    Create advanced searches on the Web
    Research public record sources
    Analyze information and distinguish between the useful and useless

Attendees will leave with:

    Renewed confidence in their Internet search know-how
    The ability to find more useful and relevant information in less time
    An advanced ability to conduct Web searches that are legal and compliant

This how-to presentation will explain the step-by-step procedures required in conducting searches. Ultimately, the ability to find deep and hidden websites that return key intelligence while being in compliance with the law and privacy consideration is a necessary skill for Loss Prevention professionals.

As an added bonus, Connell will be co-presenting with Kereakos Zuras, President of Convenience Marketing and Owner of Mid-Atlantic Franchises (BP, Sunoco, and Subway) and former Advisor to George W. Bush. Zuras will be providing personal insights from the day-to-day retail business aspect, recounting many incidents of fraud and theft he himself has dealt with over the years. Zuras speaks across the country before various industries and is featured regularly on Fox News Channel, Fox and Friends, Fox News HQ and Fox News Live, providing powerful unique insight on business, political and government related issues.

Registration is open to all. Full Conference registration includes all educational sessions, networking events and access to the Expo Hall. A Free Expo Pass is also available to retailers and law enforcement professionals.

About Kevin Connell

Kevin Connell is the CEO and Founder of, a global background screening firm headquartered in Tampa, Florida. He served as Director on the first Board of Directors of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). Mr. Connell is recognized for his expertise on employee screening, criminal background checks, advanced internet research and open source intelligence. He has provided research and testimony as an expert witness in court cases. He was on the adjunct faculty of the University of South Florida for over a decade. He has spoken at numerous business, security and human resources conferences, including twice providing testimony before the Florida Supreme Court. He is widely quoted, is a published author, and has been featured on television, including Fox News and ABC News. Connell’s business experience spans over a quarter of a century.


Established 20 years ago in 1994, has been an industry pioneer and leader in employment background screening, specializing in criminal background checks. Its reports are delivered to companies across the world accurately and quickly with turnaround times from instantly to 72 hours.

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Water Damage Expert Witness, Stephen Delgado, to Provide Mold Awareness and Prevention Seminar to Commercial and Medical Property Managers and Maintenance Engineers

Tampa, Florida (PRWEB) July 02, 2013

Expert Witness Stephen Delgado recently rolled out his Mold Awareness and Prevention Seminar, which draws on Stephen’s more than 25 years of experience in the water damage restoration and indoor air quality industries. Stephen has seen first hand the perils of ignored excess moisture on building materials. He has performed insurance restorations, flood damage restorations, emergency services, structural drying, and mold-related services on millions of square feet in commercial and medical properties since he began his career in construction. Steve has an established record, offering litigation support to Florida attorneys while serving as Expert Witness, providing legal testimony on indoor air quality claims, construction claims, and large loss insurance or catastrophic property damage claims.

The Awareness and Prevention Seminar is designed for commercial maintenance engineers, property managers, facility managers, private medical practices, hospital administrators, and assisted living community facilitators. The seminar reminds attendees about the health symptoms related to exposure to some fungus and the health risks for infants and the elderly, as well as for immuno-compromised and respiratory-compromised individuals. Stephen teaches how to prevent mold by controlling moisture and humidity and performing regular moisture investigations as part of an ongoing maintenance schedule. During the seminar, attendees review case studies and discuss ethical concerns and risk management to illustrate the benefit of invoking prevention strategies proactively rather than responding retroactively. The seminar shows that it is much less expensive to control moisture and humidity than to pay for mold remediation services and defend against potential lawsuits. During the seminar, Stephen also performs a hands-on moisture investigation for the benefit of Maintenance Engineers who can participate in a question and answer setting. Stephen teaches how to document moisture investigation results and ensure successful drying projects and how to respond to complaints in order to manage risk.

Most Administrators and Property Managers comment after the seminar that they have a renewed understanding – to manage risk, you must manage moisture. Facility Maintenance Engineers leave the seminar with a fresh pair of eyes. All attendees gain understanding of the return on investment of prevention. They realize that skimping on structural drying after a water damage incident, or ignoring moisture, will amplify risk and cause costs to escalate quickly.

More about Coastal Disaster Recovery, Inc.

Stephen Delgado leads Coastal Disaster Recovery, Inc. as one of Tampa’s longest-operating water damage companies. Stephen has been providing services to medical facilities, assisted living communities, hospitals, commercial properties, office buildings, apartment complexes, and residences for over 25 years. Stephen also serves as an expert witness in construction, mold claims, and large loss claims in Florida. Contact Stephen now at 727-725-8999 to discuss how your Commercial and Medical Facility Managers can benefit from Coastal Disaster Recovery’s Awareness and Prevention Seminar.

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Relational Aggression among Youth — Dispelling Myths and Exploring Truths: An Interview with The Prevention Researcher

Eugene, OR (PRWEB) November 26, 2012

Relational aggression is a form of bullying in which the aggression is intended primarily to manipulate or disrupt the social relationships and friendships of the target of the bully, or to damage a targets social reputation, says Michael Greene, Ph.D. in an interview with The Prevention Researcher. It is often characterized by a covert or behind the back form of aggression.

As a consultant specializing in youth, school, and family violence, Michael Greene gives seminars and workshops on bullying and harassment for public and private schools. He also serves as an expert witness in cases involving bullying and harassment. His recent writings on the topic focus on bullying and school violence from a human rights perspective.

In an interview with The Prevention Researcher, Greene notes that relational aggression is done through rumor spreading, slandering, rejecting, threatening the end of a friendship, excluding, ignoring, or ostracizing. It should be noted that this form of bullying can be direct and face-to-face such as when the bully says, I wont be your friend if you continue to be friends with a particular other person or group.

Greene says this form of bullying is much more common among girls, though boys engage in this type of bullying, as well. Its not an absolute black and white that boys engage in one, and girls in the other. So, there is some overlap. The explanation given for the sex difference is that girls are traditionally more concerned with social relationships, and boys are more concerned with dominance. But these are not mutually exclusive.

While some popular writers seem to suggest that we have an epidemic of mean girls, and that girls are much more aggressive than boys, the data actually still suggest that even when we include relational bullying in terms of assessing the frequency and amount of bullying, boys tend to bully others more than girls, says Greene.

Regarding cyberbullying, Greene notes that it is a form of relational bullying. And, for the most part, at least with the research we have thus far, cyberbullying is an extension of traditional bullying. That is, those who tend to bully others in traditional ways, whether it be relational or direct bullying, tend to use cyberbullying, as well, and vice versa. Same with victimization, that is those who get victimized in traditional ways, tend to get victimized through cyberbullying.

To effectively intervene in relational aggression problems among youth, Greene recommends that modeling behavior thats positive and prosocial is very important. If teachers model relational bullying, backbiting, that sort of thing, the kids will pick it up and get the message that thats okay. The most important thing is for teachers, parents, other staff administrators, as well as the kids, to recognize relational bullying as form of aggression, and as a form of aggression thats harmful.

Schools need to figure out what the most prevalent forms of bullying are in their school to deal with bullying. So, they need to find that out from the students who are the real experts in their lives. Recognize, and respond, and promote respect. concludes Greene.

For a copy of the complete interview with Michael Greene on Relational Aggression Among Youth, link directly to The Prevention Researcher or

About The Prevention Researcher

Founded in 1994, The Prevention Researcher is published by the non-profit, Integrated Research Services in Eugene, Oregon. The quarterly journal focuses on successful adolescent development and serves professionals who work with young people in a variety of organizational settings.

Each issue of The Prevention Researcher covers a single topic, presenting the latest adolescent behavioral research and findings on significant issues facing todays youth. The journal provides information about programs that create supportive environments for youth, strategies for preventing problems affecting adolescents, and resources that help youth-serving professionals.

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