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Pretty much like buying something off a store, property management also has an array of prices imposed on them as you use their service. The prices though are not general. It varies in terms of service quality and its scope. A more established property management company, of course, imposes higher rates, while the not very exceptional ones or startups cannot really impose a rate as soaring. As to the scope, normally, a property manager takes care of the general and monotonous tasks, and depending on the agreement, can go beyond that. The common tasks assigned to a real estate manager that he can decide himself are advertisement, maintenances issues, invoice, getting the payments every month and receiving the concerns of tenants. Property owners always get their hands on screening tenants, property repairs, mortgage, loans and in the string of similar financial dealings – just about everything that includes financial decisions.

On the average, a real estate management quotes range from 3 percent to 10 percent gross rent collected every month. Before you a hire property manager, be sure to run a little background check and referrals. Ask people who they have worked before about their services and thoroughly assess them of services offered. Expenditures for repairs are added as agreed to the aforementioned percentage as soon as they are agreed upon by both parties. Put in mind that hiring a property manager does not mean total hands off of your property. It’s still your business after all and the finances are critical issues that may cause serious disputes if left unattended – be it paying tax, insurance, mortgage etc. You also have to account with the real estate manager regarding repairs. It will be a determinant of how much exactly to spend should there be damages that occur. Moreover, property owners might also want to do tenant screening themselves. This is to assure that they know of the quality of the people who are going to occupy their property, and are comfortable with them. This could take time, but it really is all up to you.

Perhaps the most difficult task of a property manager is when they get to deal with tenants. Invoices and similar sorts of paper works are arduous jobs that can be done by anyone. Dealing with people’s sour attitudes is what tests are property manager. Let’s face it, people can be quite difficult sometimes. However, you can’t wage conflicts against them either because they are the lifeblood of your business. You need someone to take care of this reputation if you think you don’t have the heart for it. It really takes some guts to stick to your guns when tenants are making you wave his late payment. If you tolerate his behavior and wave, then he has all the reason he needs to do it again. If you strictly assert your policy, you’d appear too stern and inconsiderate. If you have a real estate manager, he can always just say he’s doing his job, which he does. Nobody’s going to bother you at ridiculous hours for repairs, or when you’re spending quality time with family. Property managers can be expensive, but a quote of 3%-10% will you bring about priceless peace of mind.

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How To Choose A Property Expert Witness For A Valuation Report

Under the terms of Part 2 of the Landlord and Tenant Act issued in 1954, should a dispute arise over the renewal of a lease for either a commercial or business property the issue is taken into the hands of the county, and should you find yourself in this situation the aid of a property expert witness report will be invaluable to your case. The report emerges after the exchange of factual information from the two respective parties, each of which will then use the information gathered to produce a property report to argue their side of the case. Once exchanged with the rival representative on a date well in advance of the court hearing, the report will be analysed and be the central component in the court case.

The Landlord and Tenant Act of 1954 is intended to give business the additional security of tenure and under the act a tenant using property for a business of commercial act cannot merely be evicted in the procedure of providing a notice to quit or the ending of a fixed term agreement tenancy. The Act indicates quite clearly that in the case of a property owner wishing to seek the end of a tenancy that a notice must be served allowing the tenant to respond and this is where the services of an expert witness may come into play. The case will, if not resolved between the parties, result in a County Court case in which property witnesses will be called upon to produce expert reports in order to fight and defend the case of the individuals or companies being represented.

If you are involved in any case or situation with disputes regarding commercial or business property then a property expert witness will be required and this can be sourced by a wide variety of means including solicitors and chartered surveyors. In return for the fee paid, the property witness will act on your behalf to compile the expert witness report to present your case. The property expert will provided you with knowledge, expertise and a wide range of relevant experience to assist you in the disputed property case. Not only will the expert provide you with their expert property witness report but they will also attend court, as per the norm, and present the evidence gathered and issue professional witness evidence.

As in any case centring on a form of dispute with two sides being presented the witness will be cross examined and the property report will be part of this. The property expert provided, for instance, by the charted surveyor will be fully prepared, trained and experienced in such a matter and present your case in a confident and convincing manner. The service may be offered under the title of valuation expert witness or a valuation expert witness report depending on the nature of the case but both function in the same nature and with the same purpose, to assist you in a victorious case.

In this respect therefore as with all legal matters the property witness or valuation witness has a obligation and duty to the court to ensure the information provided in either the valuation report or witness report is honest, reliable and bears credibility otherwise the whole case may be placed in jeopardy but using an expert witness from a reliable company, such as a chartered surveyor, should see you avoiding such problems.


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Water Damage Expert Witness, Stephen Delgado, to Provide Mold Awareness and Prevention Seminar to Commercial and Medical Property Managers and Maintenance Engineers

Tampa, Florida (PRWEB) July 02, 2013

Expert Witness Stephen Delgado recently rolled out his Mold Awareness and Prevention Seminar, which draws on Stephen’s more than 25 years of experience in the water damage restoration and indoor air quality industries. Stephen has seen first hand the perils of ignored excess moisture on building materials. He has performed insurance restorations, flood damage restorations, emergency services, structural drying, and mold-related services on millions of square feet in commercial and medical properties since he began his career in construction. Steve has an established record, offering litigation support to Florida attorneys while serving as Expert Witness, providing legal testimony on indoor air quality claims, construction claims, and large loss insurance or catastrophic property damage claims.

The Awareness and Prevention Seminar is designed for commercial maintenance engineers, property managers, facility managers, private medical practices, hospital administrators, and assisted living community facilitators. The seminar reminds attendees about the health symptoms related to exposure to some fungus and the health risks for infants and the elderly, as well as for immuno-compromised and respiratory-compromised individuals. Stephen teaches how to prevent mold by controlling moisture and humidity and performing regular moisture investigations as part of an ongoing maintenance schedule. During the seminar, attendees review case studies and discuss ethical concerns and risk management to illustrate the benefit of invoking prevention strategies proactively rather than responding retroactively. The seminar shows that it is much less expensive to control moisture and humidity than to pay for mold remediation services and defend against potential lawsuits. During the seminar, Stephen also performs a hands-on moisture investigation for the benefit of Maintenance Engineers who can participate in a question and answer setting. Stephen teaches how to document moisture investigation results and ensure successful drying projects and how to respond to complaints in order to manage risk.

Most Administrators and Property Managers comment after the seminar that they have a renewed understanding – to manage risk, you must manage moisture. Facility Maintenance Engineers leave the seminar with a fresh pair of eyes. All attendees gain understanding of the return on investment of prevention. They realize that skimping on structural drying after a water damage incident, or ignoring moisture, will amplify risk and cause costs to escalate quickly.

More about Coastal Disaster Recovery, Inc.

Stephen Delgado leads Coastal Disaster Recovery, Inc. as one of Tampa’s longest-operating water damage companies. Stephen has been providing services to medical facilities, assisted living communities, hospitals, commercial properties, office buildings, apartment complexes, and residences for over 25 years. Stephen also serves as an expert witness in construction, mold claims, and large loss claims in Florida. Contact Stephen now at 727-725-8999 to discuss how your Commercial and Medical Facility Managers can benefit from Coastal Disaster Recovery’s Awareness and Prevention Seminar.

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