Coroner rules cancer deaths not linked to radiation levels at Manchester

Coroner rules cancer deaths not linked to radiation levels at Manchester
… Coggon of the University of Southampton, who led the university's own independent review into these issues, and Professor John Neoptolemos of Liverpool University, who was instructed as an expert witness by the Coroner as part of the inquest process.
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Vanishing Immunity Deal Throws More Steubenville Players Back in Spotlight
The other two witnesses in the preliminary hearing were connected with law enforcement: Steubenville PD detective J.P. Riegaud, who testified that videos and photos "weren't the only guide" in his investigation; and Joann Gibb, a computer forensic …
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Quannopowitt Players present '8 – The Play'
State attorney Charles Cooper, played by Gordon Ellis, of Waltham, standing, examines expert witness David Blankenhorn, played by Bill Stambaugh, of Belmont, seated, foreground, whose testimony marked a turning point in the case. Looking on are …
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Deposition Preparation Online with Deposition Testimony: 5 Simple Rules Deposition preparation online is here with Deposition Testimony: 5 Simple Rules. My name is Zach and I’m a lawyer just like you. Here’s a problem we’ve all experienced – you spend hours, days, sometimes even weeks preparing your client to testify in a deposition. You give all the sound advice – don’t volunteer, don’t speculate, limit your answers just to the questions asked. The client looks at you and says, “I got it, I’m ready.” Five minutes into the deposition your client is volunteering, speculating, and the deposition is beginning to go off the rails. This has happened to all of us and it’s not because we didn’t do a great job preparing our witnesses. The solution is here. Now I had never used a video before to help me prepare my witnesses to testify and frankly I would have been skeptical of any suggestion that I do so because I did a great job just like you do preparing witnesses. But at one point in my career we were actually required to use one and frankly I was amazed! The difference between a witness who had seen this video that showed a witness doing it wrong and getting in trouble, and then a witness doing it right, made all the difference in the world. Once the witness saw that, they got it. But there were a few problems with this old video – it was old and dated. I was almost embarrassed to show it to the client because of the content, but it was also available only on DVD. What we did is we created a system that solved all of these
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CPS aka Child Protective Services depends crucially upon the authority of expert witnesses when they take their cases to court, aiming to severe the sacred bonds between parents and children. These expert witnesses are held in high regard by both judges and juries, who are often mightily impressed by the mere presence of such experts. Yet (as books such as Whores of the Court show), these experts are often nothing more than corrupt, incompetent whores, willing to sell their souls for a bit of false grandeur and a quick buck. The crimes against humanity that are perhaps amongst the most heinous are those committed by experts who give false and / or misleading testimony in an effort to bolster the case of CPS aka Child Protective Services, who have proven – time and again – that they will do anything to rip babies and children from the arms of those who love them best. For more Information: THE CHARLES SMITH BLOG: Smith gave testimony in Ohio murder trial Disgraced pathologist had given evidence in case where jurors suggested death penalty February 09, 2008 Theresa Boyle and Isabel Teotonio, Staff Reporters Smith’s victim gets bail – WHAT TOOK SO LONG AND WHY ISN’T SMITH IN JAIL???!!!! Dr. Charles Smith’s (as he was then known) Factum: (Free Download of Book Available) http http www
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