Why did Al Gore buy a home on the Florida Beach that he says will be under water in 10 years, is he a denier?

Question by snoobling: Why did Al Gore buy a home on the Florida Beach that he says will be under water in 10 years, is he a denier?
How inconvenient for Al Gore, the guy who rides around in private jets and stands to make billions on the cap and trade scam, that some remember his words and wonder why he doesn’t believe himself and his intimidated and bought off special interest “expert witness” scientists.


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Answer by Dylan RIP Dio \m/
You know, with how much you guys follow him around, it’s be wise for Gore to get some security as well.

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Q&A: Why do people shout out “Anti-Semitic!” when someone says the Jews killed Jesus?

Question by Doris: Why do people shout out “Anti-Semitic!” when someone says the Jews killed Jesus?
Now I’m an Atheist and when I read the Gospels, they tell me that Jesus was technically killed by the Jews (the Pharisees and the crowd – they wanted him dead). Now I’m sure that this didn’t historically happen, but if you follow the book, it’s certain that the Jews wanted him dead and that Pilate “washed his hands” and found nothing wrong with Jesus.

The Romans (the soldiers) just nailed him to the cross, it was their JOB to do so. I don’t think they were passionate about it and that they took it personally, like the Crowds and the Pharisees.

So how is it anti-Semitic to say Jesus was killed the Jews when the bible says so?

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Answer by XaurreauX
If you believe what is written in the Gospels then you are not an atheist.

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Fear of Software Upgrades Holding Back Businesses, New Find the Edge Article Says

Manchester (PRWEB UK) 24 April 2013

Refusing to upgrade systems and software could be the ‘worst decision business owners ever make’ a new article on Find the Edge has said.

Lisa Miles, owner of Amethyst Associates Ltd, uses an article on Find the Edge to explain why failing to move with the times can hit profits hard.

Titled, ‘Why Failing to Upgrade Business Software Could Be the Worst Decision You Ever Make,’ Miles highlights the dangers associated with using multiple systems that can’t integrate or communicate.

She said: “As an example, software that lets you send out invoices or statements via email has been around for years. Despite this, many companies insist on doing it the old fashioned way.

“You only have to miss one entry so perhaps a customers address isnt updated in a single crucial location and you have a problem.”

She also identifies other issues, such as a company relying on one individual’s knowledge of how to operate a system. This is dangerous if that individual then leaves the organisation.

To combat problems like these, Miles suggests considering making changes to the core systems in the business.

She said: “You need to consider the long-term return on investment, rather than just the initial costs.

“If you do decide to take on new software, or enhance your existing system, you should be looking for a return on investment within 2 years or less this should be demonstrable and quantifiable.”

The full article can be viewed here: http://www.findtheedge.co.uk/technology/apps-software/why-failing-to-upgrade-business-software-could-be-the-worst-decision-you-ever-make.

Lisa Miles is a business consultant, and also acts as an expert witness. More about her can be read here: http://www.findtheedge.co.uk/expert-panelist/lisa-miles.

Kenny Goodman, founder of Find the Edge, said: “Taking the decision to make costly changes is rarely easy, but acting early can lead to huge savings and boosted efficiency.

“Lisa has a great deal of experience in this area, so it’s well worth listening to what she has to say.”

Find the Edge is a business website that gives leaders access to a free collection of articles, videos and interviews.