Forensic Expert Witness Association Presents Meritorious Service Award to Nicole Goodwin, Esq.

Tempe, AZ (PRWEB) April 30, 2014

Arizona litigation attorney Nicole Goodwin, Esq. was awarded the President’s National Meritorious Service Award by the Forensic Expert Witness Association (FEWA) on Saturday, April 26, 2014 in Tempe, AZ. FEWA is a national non-profit professional membership organization of experts who provide forensic services in all technical specialties. The award was presented by national FEWA President John Levitske during the association’s Annual Conference. Goodwin was recognized for her on-going efforts in the areas of professional development, ethics, education, and training of forensic consultants in all fields of discipline. In presenting the award, Levitske said, “Ms. Goodwin has shown extraordinary commitment to the advancement of the field, and this is the first President’s National Meritorious Service to FEWA Award which has been presented to an attorney.” Goodwin is an experienced commercial litigation attorney and shareholder with the firm of Greenberg Traurig, and she also teaches at the Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law.

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Service Providers in the Gym and Health Club Industry are Now Able to Purchase Insurance Policies That Once Covered Only the Large Establishments

Burbank, CA (PRWEB) July 16, 2013

USA Business is announcing that General Liability Insurance as well as broad coverage insurance plans are now being written for all participants in the Fitness Center Industry. At one time it was believed that these policies were only available to actual full-service gyms and health clubs. Now affordable policies are being written for single providers who offer their professional services at a home studio. This could be a personal trainer, a yoga instructor, Pilates coach, in-home massage therapist and other professionals.

General Liability Insurance can be written for these individuals as well as the brick and mortar businesses. Plans protect the business owner or service provider against claims, by clients who state they were injured while working on the owners machines or slipped and fell in a wet area. Even if the owner being sued is found not responsible for the injury, general liability insurance will cover the legal fees. Some municipalities require minimum limits on bodily injury coverage prior to issuing a business license or certification of occupancy. Owners should keep abreast of these ever-changing limits.

Gym equipment is expensive whether it is present in a home office environment or in a full service health club. Water pipes breaking, a storm causing a ceiling to collapse or any damaging circumstances can render equipment useless. Along with property damage coverage the smaller gym or individual provider may want to include loss of income provisions.

An important area that service providers avoid even though it is a growing concern is Abuse and Molestation Insurance Coverage. In todays environment companies of all classes are very sensitive to this issue and have Human Resource manuals which cover appropriate behavior. Although strict guidelines are enacted to prevent inappropriate behavior on premise, it is important to recognize that rules are capable of being violated by employees and clients alike. Either way a lawsuit can not only hurt the establishments reputation but can be extravagant in legal fees. These cases take highly specialized legal talent as well as expert witnesses. Having this coverage under a fitness center insurance policy will protect the owner or service provider from having to cover legal fees and any settlements out of pocket.

Most states allow suits to be filed against club owners and supervisors of a person who is accused of molestation alleging that there were not proper background checks, on-site security or adequate supervision of the accused. Establishments that offer massages, manicure and pedicures, body waxing and/or personal training are especially vulnerable. What is surprising to many is that humiliation, embarrassment and perceived threats allegedly suffered by a client can fall under Abuse and Molestation Insurance Coverage.

To learn how bundling an insurance policy may be the right decision for a gym, health club or private service provider, go to

About USA Business Insurance: USA Business Insurance writes general liability insurance for every class of business and is educated on specific state requirements. Underwriters examine types of common liability and make sound suggestions based on years of research.

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A Free Service for Affirmative Action Employers is Announced by Charles R. Mann Associates, Inc.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) November 29, 2012

Charles R. Mann Associates, Inc the leading developer of Affirmative Action Plans designed to meet the requirements of the OFCCP while protecting employers’ interests and exposure, accomplishes these ends by developing and implementing statistically sophisticated procedures and software that are sufficiently flexible to be used by all contractors rather than each “reinventing the wheel.” One such product is their Subcontractor Notification And REporting System (SNARES).

Dr. Mann has announced that SNARES will now be available as a free service to all employers, whether clients or not, This is to coincide with the planned release of the EEO SPECIAL FILE by the EEOC. He estimates that this free service could save each employer hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in employee time. Notifications will be transmitted by email and documented for reporting purposes. In his words, “Although not literally a free lunch, our SNARES service should free up enough time for HR personnel to enjoy more than a few lunches.”

About Us

Charles R. Mann Associates, Inc has been providing AAP and Employment Discrimination Analysis Services since 1980. Its innovative statistical techniques have been accepted in litigation and regulatory matters and many have ultimately been endorsed and adopted by the OFCCP and the EEOC. They have prepared large AA)Ps for entire state governments and Corporations with thousands of facilities, as well as for small businesses just large enough to be covered. Dr. Mann is a statistician who has testified as an Expert Witness in over one hundred employment and other discrimination matters on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants.