Could the U.S. Mental Health System Have Prevented Elliot Rodger’s Murderous Rampage?

Lexington, KY (PRWEB) May 29, 2014

Elliot Rodger murdered six innocent people and maimed approximately a dozen others before killing himself, according to virtually every major news outlet. “Although one is ‘innocent until proven guilty’ in America, when that individual, caught in the act, takes his own life he gives up his right to a jury trial,” said forensic psychiatrist Dr. Tim Houchin, M.D.

According to this article in Forbes, Rodger posted over a dozen videos on YouTube, each of which has now been taken down. In the article, Forbes writer Kashmir Hill described the videos as being full of “anger, self-loathing and self-pity.” Ms. Hill even reported that one viewer of Rodger’s YouTube videos, just days before the murders, commented on Reddit, “I bet we find out this guy is a serial killer.”

Dr. Houchin is one of a handful of U.S. physicians to be board certified in child and adolescent as well as adult forensic psychiatry. As such, he has evaluated dozens of murderers ranging in ages from teens to the elderly. When asked about Rodger’s YouTube videos Dr. Houchin stated, “Mr. Rodger published multiple disturbing [YouTube] videos in addition to his 140 page ‘manifesto’. These were clearly the actions of a vengeful, emotionally disturbed young man.”

So what exactly was Rodger’s reported psychiatric diagnosis, did it play a significant role in the murders and, perhaps most importantly was this a preventable tragedy? Regarding diagnosis, this CNN article asserts that court documents from his parents’ divorce specify Rodger was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome at the age of 7. Another CNN article cited Simon Astaire, a Rodger family friend, as claiming Elliot Rodger met with a psychotherapist “pretty much every day in high school.” The same article reported that Rodger was seeing two different therapists shortly before his murderous rampage.

If the CNN articles are accurate, Rodger had access to tremendous numbers of psychotherapy sessions; something Dr. Houchin indicated is typically only available to wealthy individuals due to the expense of such therapy. When asked if Rodger’s diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome may have played a role in the killings, Dr. Houchin responded, “Since I have not assessed Mr. Rodger I cannot say whether his purported diagnosis of Asperger’s is accurate. Having said this, if you’re starting with the wrong diagnosis you’re going down the wrong path.”

Although many questions remain, one is especially perplexing. With Rodger posting such disturbing videos on YouTube to the point that even laypersons were commenting he might be a serial killer, why were both of his therapists seemingly oblivious to the fact that he had been planning a mass murder for some 3 years? “This question,” said Dr. Houchin, “is complex and much more information will need to come to light before condemning the decisions of Rodger’s therapists”.

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About Dr. Tim:

Dr. Tim Houchin is one of approximately 200 physicians in the United States to be triple board certified in psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry & forensic psychiatry. In addition to serving as an expert witness to various courts Dr. Tim is founder and president of 360 Mental Health Services, a comprehensive mental health diagnostic and treatment center based in Lexington, Kentucky.

Sculptin Pilates For The System

Pilates is 1 of the most preferred types of exercise globally, the strategy was initially designed by Joseph Pilates inside earlier twentieth century. Pilates concentrates on the well-balanced improvement from the entire body, making use of core power, versatility and consciousness. Making use of this system, you can improve steadiness and encourage successful and graceful movement.

In recent many years, raising quantities of persons are discovering the method, from dancers and athletes, through to seniors and most women looking to re-form following pregnancy. Pilates is usually a very versatile work out, and works nicely for a wide range of men and women. All age groups can partake, with many components to cater for all amounts of health and fitness and agility.

The Six Ideas of Pilates







Pilates comprises in the over 6 rules, all of which are vital to attain an powerful workout. The Pilates procedure locations emphasis on top quality, instead of amount. Not like substitute physical exercise routines; minimal repetitions are required for every single workout. As an alternative, performing every work out completely and with precision is encouraged, to obtain superior success.

Added Benefits

Using Pilates, you may realize a more powerful, leaner system, and increase your endurance stages. With normal follow, you can locate that everyday things to do grow to be less complicated, and actions is often performed with ease and grace.

Pilates may be very adaptable, all work outs are created with modifications, allowing for your safe and difficult workout for all age groupings and health and fitness stages.

Core Strength

Core strength is actually a key a part of Pilates. The core muscle tissues comprise of your internal, deep seated muscles in the again and abdomen. Core muscle groups execute an necessary work, and when strengthened, assist to assist your spine and all round motion.

As you create this core power, you can obtain stability as part of your torso, stabilizing your trunk and relieving stress on your own rear. That is how Pilates can properly aid men and women with back pain. Many health and fitness treatment practitioners at the moment are recommending Pilates as a part of an effective immediately after-care routine for individuals with spine situations for example Sciatica, a issue that might be greatly improved aided by the strengthening in the core muscle groups.

A Special Strategy

Pilates provides a distinctive way to work out. Combining core power, torso stability as well as the 6 principles of Pilates, the strategy stands apart from many other types of exercising. Making use of Pilates, you can enhance your general body steadiness, strength and potential, rather then focusing on one particular element in the physique.

As an case in point; weight lifting may well tone the arms, or possibly a distinct element of your upper entire body. Swimming and operating also tone the upper entire body, along with the legs, but might not offer an successful workout for your core, supporting place of the body. Pilates provides an ‘all round’ workout option.


Another significant gain to Pilates is the potential to execute the exercises with limited products. Because the technique uses the system’s personal resistance as ‘gear’, work outs is usually completed possibly about the flooring, or working with a Pilates or Yoga mat.

Pilates definitely is an all-round solution if you might be seeking to strengthen the body balance, power and total agility.

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