Pilates in the Winelands of South Africa

(PRWEB) November 2, 2003

Sarah Archer, a qualified Pilates instructor from Wimbledon, is celebrating life in a dynamic fashion next year. With her passion for the good life she will take 20 people to Spier in South Africa in April to do Pilates sessions on green lawns surrounded by the splendor of the vineyards.

“This will be a week of relaxation, beauty and luxury,” says Sarah, “and I love being able teach in such tranquil environments – away from the daily rush.” Magnificent natural surroundings, graceful architecture and the inherent elegance of Spier makes it a perfect place to get people into the right frame of mind for this treat. The group will be staying at the 5 star Village at Spier close to Cape Town. For the hours in between, the Wine Estate offers swimming, tennis, encounters with cheetahs and eagles, horse rides through vineyard, wine tasting, quiet walks through the estate gardens, birdwatching, train trips, picnics from the Spier Deli, the hotel spa and golf, naturally.

Devised by Joseph Pilates at the beginning of the last century, The Pilates Method provides an excellent way to firm and tone your body, generating a natural slenderness and overall sense of well-being. It works by toning and balancing the muscles, stimulating circulation, and generating proper alignment of the whole body.

There are only 20 places on this special group. For the full itinerary starting 16 April, please contact Christina at Feather Travel on 0870 224 2004 or Christina@FeatherTravel.com. Feather Travel is a travel boutique for Southern Africa and Christina is the expert for any bespoke travel in this beautiful country.


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Photography: For images of Sarah Archer or Spier Wine Estate, contact Christina van den Heever (details above).