Presentation Dynamics is the authorized publisher for Joseph Pilates’ books.
We own copyrights for all Pilates books available from our company and our distributors.

Since 1982, we have educated thousands of students across the United States and abroad. We take great pride in offering well designed and well founded instructional classes, workshops and personal training in both physical and mental subjects. Currently, we are focusing on Joseph Pilates books and Expert Witness Training. We are located in Southern Oregon but travel and deliver our workshops and private trainings around the world. Please contact us if you are interested in a custom prepared workshop.


Presentation Dynamics LLC is also an eclectic company that strongly espouse
the Roman poet Juvenal’s philosophy:

 Mens Sana in Corpore Sano — A Sound Mind in a Sound Body

Education is our strong suit. Our books, presentations, private classes and workshops all reflect our belief in long-held traditions of self knowledge, honesty, fair conduct, equitable treatment, ethical and moral behavior, and growing wisdom.


See our Founders in TV interviews:
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TV Interview with Lin: ‘Health is Real Wealth’

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