Terrific Reviews for our latest two books:

Pilates Evolution Book

“Must Read” — Reviewed by Heidi Dvorak, in “Pilates Style Magazine”:

WHO Joseph Pilates, along with Physicalmind Institute-certified Judd Robbins and Lin Van Heuit-Robbins
WHAT This three-part book encompasses the history of the original work up to the present: First is Joseph Pilates’ Your Health (1934), second is Return to Life Through Contrology (1945) and the third is 10 chapters written by Robbins and Van Heuit-Robbins devoted to updates on props, techniques, fusion classes and more.
TARGETS All 34 of Pilates’ original poses are here with the copyrighted and republished photographs from his book and his step-by-step instructions.
INTENSITY High emotional impact because it becomes startlingly apparent that the powerful, enduring quality of the practice over a period of 79 years is nothing short of miraculous.
BUY THIS BECAUSE For those who don’t know the history of Pilates, this is a must read. For classicists, this book makes a strong case for modernizing the discipline in a way that would honor the master’s work.
SPECIAL FEATURES The authors make solid recommendations on new approaches that build on the original work by citing developments from such heavyweights as Joan Breibart, Elizabeth Larkam and Ron Fletcher.
256 pages, $19.95
Presentation Dynamics
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Expert Witness Training Book

Two reviews from
“Expert Communications”:

“I just wanted to tell you that Judd Robbins’ book, Expert Witness Training – Profit From Your Experience, is the best book on the topic I have read in over 20 years. It is concise and to the point, yet it covers a great many topics while still being readable. I highly recommend it.”

“What a treasure of information! I was bowled over by how complete, thorough, and easy to understand this tactical book for expert witnesses is. I learned some things I did not know and got different viewpoints on the expert’s role in the legal process. Consequently, I will be recommending that every client of mine purchase this book.Thanks. The Judd Robbins book was outstanding!”

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