3 thoughts on “Roy Marsden (4) Death of an Expert Witness

  1. I’m so grateful they’re here but for pete’s sake.´╗┐ I agree!

  2. Why such short sections?´╗┐ I’m up and down from my seat like a yo-yo!!

  3. I’ve been trying to find “Inspector Dalgliesh” ferraboutta MONTH now — I’m so grateful to ‘find him 2nite thru Inspector Morse ‘listings!’ YAY!

    Been viewing them BOTH for many a year now but not recently. No can afford ‘cable’ or ‘satellite’ any more, so it means a helluva´╗┐ LOT to a ‘newly’ little ‘old’ lady to be enabled to view so many of my own real old favorites! (I’m 62 & counting! [hehe])

    BBC & Masterpiece Theatre have ALWAYS been the TOPS!

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