“Cross-Examination of an Expert Witness,” Herald Price Fahringer

In this video, attorney Herald Price Fahringer discusses why the cross-examination of expert witnesses is an especially difficult legal skill. Fahringer’s fu…

Jodi Arias expert witness Alyce Laviolette gets looked at closer by prosecutor Juan Martinez, and we examine her testimony and how she responds to the trail …
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25 thoughts on ““Cross-Examination of an Expert Witness,” Herald Price Fahringer

  1. My late father went to Penn state with him. I think they were in the same fraternity.

  2. To hear Alyce Laviolette state under oath that it is her belief that Travis was a greater abuser than Jodi takes away any & all credibility, draws into question her “expert” status and, judging by the look on her face when answering the question, a damn perjurer! Shame on her!

  3. I think these ladies need much less lead up to the topics about to be discussed and get the heck on with the discussion. Almost 1/2 way thru and haven’t actually seen any of the expert testimony yet. Time for me to change the channel.

  4. Juan Martinez is great, Alyce Laviolette is a nut,and so are these two.

  5. Two women babbling about nothing. I guess the verdict says who is smart and who is dumb (2 yapping women).

  6. what u say j m was aggressive .rude hello he won and likely the most respectable man in the world he got the truth out more over who are u nothing just a ex prosecutor lony coombs,nothing like j m

  7. In watching the trial it popped out at me that Laviolette said she only takes a case when she sees domestic abuse.

    So, once she was sure there was abuse in the relationship she was all in for team Jodi. She became her advocate as an abused women. That makes her staggeringly bias more understandable.

    As for the personal attacks on her, you cannot get away from the element of misogyny in these cases.

    After all, the first boob Samuels was a human car wreck where was the outrage?

  8. Unbelievable that these youtube girls are saying Martinez didnt do a good job…

  9. yes. people act like mobs and its unfortunate. this needs to be pointed out more. glad your show did.

  10. I watch both sides demeaners & u can see the defense smirk, smile, roll eyes! Juan maintains his composure, he may come off looking angry buts he’s doing his job maturely! He’s passionate in seeking justice for all victims! U won’t see him giggling & smirking etc during testimony he quietly listens.

  11. Yeah u guys r wrong! Laviolette was wrong, she was being disrespectful, why wouldn’t she answer a question when she knew Juan was right? She would smirk & rather make an excuse than say yes! Juan is serious professional! This is not a joke to him- he’s doing his job in seeking justice! And alyce should have been a neutral professional & she was not!

  12. I’ve had a few choice words today with Darren Kavinoky for how the defense attorneys handled preparing their expert witnesses. They’re pretty bad too. I have to agree with you.

  13. I am enjoying your shows. I just found them today and am watching them in order. Loni Coombs is wonderful and I enjoyed her commentary during Phil Spector’s 1st trial. Loni – How would Judge Fidler handle Juan Martinez in his courtroom? Irecall Bruce Cutler. Allison - Why do you not cover the performance of the defense attorneys? I find them abysmal. Thank you!

  14. Wow, did you just compare rape with possible witness intimidation?! Smh…

  15. You have the facts wrong. She never tried to get a car locally, she claimed it was less expensive (and that was proven as untrue). The place where she rented the car first offered her a red car and she turned it down. She paid more to have a white car. And, as others have said, Gus Searcy is not Dr. Samuels. Are you paying attention???

  16. Re: Info..Loni Coombs this and that…qualifications up the wazoo, but–she acts like she knows better than an excellent judge, Stevens, and a great attorney, Martinez. Eho diedAnd made her the almighty critc?

  17. (cont.) that this proves he is a pedophile. This is why LaViolette has no credibility with this jury and no credibility in the eyes of the public. Samuels was biased, but LaViolette took it to a whole different level. It was obvious to myself and most other people that she would say anything to help Arias’ case. Like at the end of her testimony when she said Arias acted like a scared woman who acted in self-defense. I thought she was a domestic violence expert. Now she can say she acted in self

  18. LaViolette was so clearly biased. When she was asked a question by Willmott, she gave whatever answer Willmott, then elaborated on the answer with usually nonresponsive answers. But when Juan Martinez would ask her a question she would say “I’m here to talk about domestic violence”. But she had no problem with calling Travis a pedophile and cosigning with Willmott’s outrageous theory that because Travis asked Arias to dress like a schoolgirl, wear pigtails and shave her private area

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