How to admit an expert witness in a mock trial case?

Question by AHS: How to admit an expert witness in a mock trial case?
I know what expert witnesses are and what they are used for but I do not know how to ask the judge if I can admit them. I know once you give credit towards the witnesses education and/or experities, you say “your Honor, I would like to admit _________ as an expert witness” I need help asking if I can admit the witness by saying it formally…any information would be great. Thanks

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Answer by KC V ™
Well…to start…as a part of “discovery” your expert witness should already be subpoenaed and as such you would only need to call him to testify from the court room.

Also…you’re not “admitting” him but “calling” him to testify. As an example “The defense now calls Mr. Expert to the stand.”

It would then be up to the defense or prosecution to voir dire him/her as an expert!

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One thought on “How to admit an expert witness in a mock trial case?

  1. Sorry, the above answer is good but isn’t always correct. Many times, discovery isn’t even requested. This depends on the jurisdiction, because each has its unique discovery rules.

    The formal language you want is: “Your Honor, I now proffer Dr. X as an expert to the court and request that she be allowed to testify as such.”

    Sometimes, after you feel like you’ve qualified the witness as an expert, the opposing side may want to take the witness on voir dire (sort of like cross examination of the qualifications) and might ask further questions. Be prepared for this.

    Good luck in your mock trial. Are you the prosecution or the defense, or is this a civil case?

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