Need help?!!!?

Question by nati: Need help?!!!?

I have been living in this neigh borhood for 5 years now I rent the house(the property is my dads) in broward county and we got two dogs that are pit bull mix. I had one for 2 years and the other one for almost a year now. About 3 days a go we were walking the dogs like we do every day and about half hour after we got home a police officer showed up. He told us that someone had complain that we were walking pitbulls in the neighborhood.we were all surpriced b/c we never had any problems with any one, and soposuly they say there is a rule in the nieghborhood that says that we aren’t alowed to have pitbulls in the property. we investigated and the rule does says that. but we din’t even know. So know we are having problem with the assosiation and the want us to get rid of the dogs unless we can prove that they are mix breeds.One way we can do this is by blood testing, bu the only thingis that it cost 300per dog. or find a pic of a mix dog that look like them and show it to them


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Answer by LuvMyBT!
Unfortunately, if that is in the rules, you might have to move.

When were the rules written? Maybe you had the dogs before the rule was made?

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  1. In court, they allow “expert witnesses” to testify.

    I bet you could find several dog experts who would be happy to testify (for free or minimal charge) that your dogs are mixes.

    If you go this route, you need to find someone who sounds respectable to the community. My first choice would be a long-time pit bull breeder, but if the community is prejudiced against pit bulls, this may damage their credibility.

    My recommendation would be to get an AKC or UKC judge. AKC doesn’t recognized the American Pit Bull Terrier, but they do recognize the American Staffordshire Terrier, a similar and related breed. While UKC is preferable, more “non-dog” people know what the AKC is.

    Here’s how to find AKC judges:
    Here’s the UKC site:

    You could try a vet or shelter worker, but I wouldn’t strongly recommend it. Their knowledge of purebred dogs vary vastly. Though they’re experts in their respective areas, I’ve seen some laughably wrong evaluations on breeds by both.

    ADD: I agree with Animal Artwork. Don’t ever call them “pit” anything again. Until you get an expert’s opinion who’s evaluated your dogs, I’d call them Lab mix (for the solid-colored one) and Great Dane mix (for the black and white).

  2. honestly,
    you have only 3 choices.

    1.) Get rid of your dogs
    2.) Pay the $ 300
    3.) Move

    I am a dog lover and I am really sorry but your choices are very limited. There isn’t much anyone on yahoo can do for you. We can give you our opinions but in the end the choice is up to you. Again I am really sorry, but this is the real world and life isn’t always going to be easy or fair.
    Although, your dogs do look like mixed breeds…you might be able to find another option…But it could mean going to court.

  3. I don’t think the picture will work. Where did you originally get the pups? Can you contact them? When you first took them to the Vet, he or she should have documented what they were and when you registered/licensed them, that information is required as well. Try to trace back that paper trail.

  4. Call your vet, I am sure they would provide paper work stating that the dogs are mixed.

    When did the rule become a rule? Before or after you moved in? Does the rule require blood testing?

  5. If you really want to keep them, you will fork out the money to have them tested.
    You may just want to move, every time you turn around, now, the cops will be at your door because someone complained.

  6. Well, you have 3 choices…either get rid of the dogs, pay for the test or move. You don’t want them to sieze the dogs as they will most likely be euthanized.

    If those cops take a photo of a supposed Pit bull or mix and simply grant clemency to your dogs based on a photo that you provided them, they probably have an illegal hand in the Broward Co drug trade too. Not likely that will outweigh the complaint, even if it IS unwarranted.

  7. I’m with Cleoppa.

    Many many Lab mixes, Boxer mixes and Staffy mixes look like pit mixes. Get your veterinarian to write a letter stating they are mixed breeds..

    Edit: Hmm.. judging from the photos (and without anything to guide me as far as size and no good side view… I don’t think they look very “Pit” to me at all.

    Here is a list of UKC judges… maybe one of them can help you:

    PLEASE: Do not EVER call them “pit” anything again. Deny they are pits… they are a mixed breed …

  8. I’m sorry but that is just ridiculous that you have to go through this. How horrible! Just b/c you have a pitbull. I would sure want to know who reported me…stupid uneducated people who know nothing about pits, that’s who. Good luck! I’d be finding a lot of pictures to show them!

    The picture you posted….is that your dog? He is smiling!

  9. This agrivates me… a lot! While pit bulls tend to be easier to train to be agressive, they generally are wonderful dogs. I hate how people are.

    Make sure the rule wasn’t in place before you moved their with your dogs. If they made it after you had them, then you may be able to keep them. That’s a horrible rule…

    Yes, most courts (if it comes to that) will allow an expert witness. That’s not fair, it really isn’t…

    They should have just made a rule not to have vicious dogs in the neighborhood, just individual dogs that have been proven to be vicious. I’d fight to keep them. This isn’t right, or fair.

    I hate people like that, who have no clue except what their prejudices are.

    Best of luck fighting for the right!

  10. Get a letter from a Vet that states the dogs are mixed breed dogs. “Pit Bull” is not actually a breed but can be used to describe over twenty five different breeds and countless mixes that may not even have bully breed in them.
    Then register your dogs with the city as the mixed breed dogs the Vet says they are. Unfortunately, in your area, it may be that even mixes with a certain appearance, according to the officer of the day or the bored paranoid reporter of your dogs, are on the “cannot own” list.
    I think this is crazy. The best thing to do is to get involved with a community that fights against breed specific legislation. That, and be a good neighbor in spite of the ignorance of the bored people or person that felt a need to “report” friendly dogs out for a walk just because they didn’t like the way that they looked! This makes me so mad!

  11. There is a DNA test that costs about $ 65 – I don’t know how accurate it is – but maybe that will work in your favor?

    PLay them off as American BUlldog mixes

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