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Mixed Movements – Part 1 – Mr. Lawrence Hayward at 79 years young age.Mr Hayward was personally trained by Mr Joseph Pilates who housed and trained him and p…
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Low Impact Exercise Gets High-Tech Delivery with Pilates Podcast

Fort Collins, CO (PRWEB) June 14, 2006

Fitness enthusiasts now can enjoy the first ever podcast dedicated to Pilates, one of the fastest growing exercise methods in the country.

Beyond the Movement is the worlds only podcast to focus on the Pilates Method, a form of exercise aimed at strengthening the bodys core. The groundbreaking show features interviews with internationally known experts; tips on technique; and success stories from around the world. Listeners can find the audio podcast at The free subscription service automatically downloads new audio programs – podcasts – into an MP3 player. Subscribers also can listen to programs directly off the Internet.

Beginners, advanced students and seasoned instructors alike will find inspiration and information in biweekly episodes with host Heidi Miller, a Pilates teacher based in Colorado. She shares exercises, answers listener questions and talks with a variety of guests about Pilates and other complementary disciplines.

Pilates is based on movement, but after only a few sessions, most people begin to understand that it can be so much more than movement alone, said Miller. This Podcast is dedicated to providing insight into the body’s awakening as you progress beyond the movement.

Since its debut less than six months ago, Beyond the Movement has attracted more than 1,000 listeners on six continents. A sampling of episodes includes a discussion of how Pilates can help relieve chronic pain; a three-part series on the mind/body connection; and a rare interview with teacher Mary Bowen, a Jungian Psychoanalyst and one of five remaining Pilates teachers who studied with Joseph Pilates, the founder of the Pilates movement.

The Beyond the Movement website also features a bookstore and a listener forum page focused on four specific topics: a forum for discussion of the Pilates Method and equipment; a forum about Joseph Pilates; a forum for instructors to share inspiration and frustration; and a forum for listeners to exchange feedback on the Pilates podcast.

Miller owns and operates Mountain View Pilates studio in Fort Collins, Colo. Her broad fitness background includes a degree in exercise sports science and work in physical therapy and personal training. She completed the Pilates training program at the Pilates Center in Boulder, Colo.

Pilates is a unique form of exercise developed more than 90 years ago. It incorporates exercises done on mats and on specialized Pilates equipment. Pilates movements are low-impact and are known for improving posture and lung capacity, increasing energy and decreasing stress.

Contact: Heidi Miller

(970) 207-1797

Note to Editors: Interviews with podcast host Heidi Miller are available by calling the contact number above. An electronic photo of Miller is available at


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what is pilates in sports?

Question by hannylee99: what is pilates in sports?

Best answer:

Answer by ♥♥Sancira♥♥
Pilates (pronounced pul-LAH-teez) is a popular exercise regimen that uses special stretches and machines. As a quick browse through our Pilates category confirms, it’s a big industry: books, exercise classes, equipment sales, etc. It’s also quite popular with rich and famous folks like Minnie Driver, Madonna, and Julia Roberts.
Pilates is named after it’s creator, Joseph H. Pilates, who was born in Germany in 1880. As a German intern in England during World War I, he designed a number of ingenious exercise machines using old hospital beds and springs. In 1926, he moved to New York with his wife and opened his own body conditioning studio.

Emphasizing flexibility and overall strength over body bulk, Pilates quickly became popular with dancers like Martha Graham and George Balanchine. More and more Pilates studios popped up, and by 1964, The Herald Tribune observed:

In dance classes around the United States, hundreds of young students limber up daily with an exercise they know as “pilates” without knowing that the word has a capital “P” and a living, right-breathing namesake.
Joseph died in 1968 at the ripe old age of 87. He must have been on to something.

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Working out after birth…?

Question by mommy.luv.jordyn: Working out after birth…?
I know they recommend to wait at least 6 weeks to work out again after giving birth. So I was just wondering if anyone knows if there are ANY exercises at all that I can do before I actually start really getting back into my old full body work out routine and diet. I know they say it’s ok to go walking…anything else? I started off 104 and ended in a 159 at the end of my pregnancy. Even though a few people got on my case about my eating habits when I was pregnant, I took FULL advantage of the “pregnancy apetite” and have NO regrets… i LOVED it!! Now, I REALLY want to get back to my normal weight again, not to mention that “after birth belly” I got is pretty annoying…still look about 5 1/2 months! I actually feel pretty good – pretty good recovery, just a minor tear and a little stitching, but that seems to be going down now. However, I don’t want to risk doing anything to my body that may end up hurting me. Also, I am breastfeeding and I know that’s supposed to help, too.

Best answer:

Answer by VocalistMeg
You are already on the right track with the breast feeding.
I know how you feel. I am impatient as well and I would certainly feel a litlte helpless if my Dr said “Just light walking too”……….
Your Dr’s main goal is for you to be gentle on your body while it is actually (healing) from birth and you wouldn’t want to be jumping n any equipment just yet or jumping around.

WIth that said, go to your local Target and buy a PILATES and GENTLE YOGA DVD……… Remember “Gentle” Not Yoga for weight loss – as it is way too jarring to the body – for you right now…” ANYWAY…. Pilates is a form of excercise that was originally created by a military physician in order to get patients started on the road to recovery before they were even well enough to leave their beds!!!!!!! His name was “Joseph Pilate”
These excercises are still challenging, tough and demanding – BUT – here’s the kicker……. THEY ARE STILL GENTLE. They are made up of movements you make on the floor 90% of the time on a mat of some sort. All moves ments are controlled, fluid, gentle and work on toning, strengthening and streching. Pilates will actually ELONGATE your muscles and make you leaner!

TRY IT……….. IT DOES WORK and it is a VRY gentle way to get back into the swing of things without having a Dr all PO’d at ya for working out……. This is perfectly safe for you to do………….
With the Yoga, work more on the meditation aspects. This will hep you relaz your mind while still creating strength and prepairing for bigger workouts in the days to come……………..

I sincerly hope I was able to help you.
Your baby is gorgeous – and God Bless….

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Foot Corrector

Foot Corrector

Foot Corrector

  • No-pinch update on Joseph Pilates’ original invention
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Heavy and light springs included

Strengthens and lifts the arch of the foot. Makes feet stronger and improves balance and gait. Our new design is a safer, no-pinch design that accommodates longer and wider feet. ThereÕs also no need to rotate the device mid-exercise. Includes two spring sets: heavy and light. Printed exercises included. Patent pending.

List Price: $ 145.00


by Joseph Pilates,by Judd Robbins A Pilates’ Primer : The Millennium Edition(text only) [Paperback]2000

by Joseph Pilates,by Judd Robbins A Pilates' Primer : The Millennium Edition(text only) [Paperback]2000


Evan Moor Educational Publishers 3317 Nonfiction Reading Practice, Grade 6

Evan Moor Educational Publishers 3317 Nonfiction Reading Practice, Grade 6

Evan Moor Educational Publishers 3317 Nonfiction Reading Practice, Grade 6

  • social studies-the Parthenon#44; U.S. court system#44; Queen Hatshepsut#44; Ancient Olympics#44; and
  • science-ultrasound#44; manatees#44; Apollo 13#44; International Space Station#44; and Rachel Carson
  • health safety-dangers of smoking#44; Internet safety#44; and Joseph Pilates
  • mathematics-the euro#44; investing for the future#44; and time zones
  • the arts-jazz#44; special effects#44; Drum and Bugle Corps#44; and Frank Lloyd WrightEach unit

Nonfiction Reading Practice, Grade 6+ contains 20 content-specific topics in the following areas:. social studies-the Parthenon, U.S. court system, Queen Hatshepsut, Ancient Olympics, and Erik Weihenmayer. science-ultrasound, manatees, Apollo 13, International Space Station, and Rachel Carson. health & safety-dangers of smoking, Internet safety, and Joseph Pilates. mathematics-the euro, investing for the future, and time zones. the arts-jazz&#4

List Price: $ 22.14


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