Skinspirations Details Bridal Beauty Touch-UpsTop 5 Ways to Look Your Best


For many brides, looking and feeling their best on their wedding day is just as important as the venue or dress. As a result, cosmetic procedures are often making the wedding to-do list. As cosmetic procedures become increasingly popular among todays brides, many cosmetic facilities are now offering bridal packages to help women look their best on the big day. Skinspirations, a non-surgical cosmetic center in Tampa Bay, explains which procedures are essential for brides-to-be.

According to a recent survey, brides are now taking more time to plan their weddingsmany start over a year before the big day, which leaves them ample time to achieve a perfect wedding day look (1). But for women with less time to plan, Skinspirations suggests considering the following minimally invasive options that require little or no downtime:


a.Benefits: Smooth, wrinkle-free skin and/or higher arched eyebrows (if requested).

b.When to start: Begin six months prior, and repeat as recommended.


a.Benefits: Detoxified and rejuvenated skin, resulting in a smoother appearance.

b.When to start: Can be done up to the day before the wedding.

3.Latisse Eyelash Treatment

a.Benefits: Doubled eyelash fullness.

b.When to start: Four months before wedding.

4.Regular Skincare Treatments

a.Benefits: Clearer, smoother, more even skin.

b.When to start: Six months before wedding.

5.Detox/HCG Diet

a.Benefits: Detoxes rid the body of toxins, and can also aid weight loss, which helps brides achieve a slimmer look for the big day.

b.When to start: At least 90 days before your wedding.

Dr. Cynthia Elliott, owner of Skinspirations, is a former emergency and trauma doctor who has been performing minimally-invasive procedures in Tampa Bay for the last several years. With a practice devoted exclusively to cosmetic and laser procedures, Dr. Elliott is often sought out to perform pre-nuptial treatments.

Beautiful skin exudes confidenceexactly what women want on their wedding day, said Dr. Elliott. Many brides are seeking natural, subtle results that make them look refreshed.

Beauty Versus the Beast: Common Mistakes to Avoid

While the above procedures can do much to improve the quality of the skin, Dr. Elliott warns against the following common mistakes that can undo the effectiveness of the procedures:

Avoid the sun and wear SPF every day. Too much UV radiation can lead to wrinkles and uneven skin pigmentation.
Dont pick at your skin. Picking can cause blemishes to worsen.
If you have sensitivities, alert your practitioner before any procedures. Allergic reactions can cause unsightly side effects on the big day.
Dont get too many treatments at oncebombarding your skin with several products wont give you faster results, and could potentially cause an adverse reaction.
Dont have unreal expectations. Fillers and facial treatments can only do so much to change the quality of your skin.

When it comes to pre-nuptial procedures, Dr. Elliott also cautions against waiting until the last minute.

Time is of the essence, said Dr. Elliott. You want to ensure that you make a full recovery in time for the wedding dayfor the best possible results, schedule a consultation before deciding on any procedures.

Dr. Elliott has the experience and expertise to perform a wide array of non-surgical procedures in her Tampa Bay office. For more information about Skinspirations or to schedule a free consultation, visit

About Dr. Cynthia Elliott and Skinspirations:

Cynthia Elliott, M.D., is the board-certified owner of Skinspirations, located in Clearwater, Florida. Dr. Elliott obtained her M.D. from the University of Illinois College of Medicine, and then completed her residency in Emergency Medicine at Denver General Hospital and the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. She has been on staff at Bayfront Medical Center, St. Josephs Hospital, University Community Hospital and Mease Countryside Hospital, and has served on the faculty of the USF School of Medicine. Dr. Elliott currently serves as an expert witness in Cosmetic Medicine for the Florida Board of Medicine. Her company, ExpertEsthetics, provides online video training in advanced injection techniques, as well as hands-on technique training for other practitioners. Dr. Elliott is also a national and international trainer for Cutera Lasers, training other physicians in the use of aesthetic lasers with skin of all colors. Skinspirations specializes exclusively in rejuvenation, enhancement and anti-aging treatments for the face and body. With her staff of aesthetic experts, you know youll get the best results obtainable. Dr. Elliott has been in practice for over 20 years, and has the experience and reputation to have been chosen by the makers of Botox

Sustainable Builders Working Group Hosts Jason LaFleur and Michael Hobbs

Chicago, Illinois (PRWEB) May 29, 2013

No matter where people live or where people work, people are impacted by buildings. Buildings exist all around. Whether it is the office building that people work in, the commercial building that people shop at, or the residential building that people live, buildings exist all around.

One lesser known fact is that buildings not only impact the environment, they also impact people’s health. Think about it. On any given day, how many hours are is the average person inside of a building? The average person is inside of a building for approximately 12 to as a many as 18 or more hours a day. That is a significant amount of time to be inside and likely most people do not even know if the building is healthy or not. Specifically, Chicago metro area has one the highest asthma rates in the country. Granted, there are other causes of asthma than buildings, but buildings are a significant contributor. A recent statistic from the Chicago Conservation Corp indicated that if just 1 in 10 homes used Energy Star appliances, the benefit would be the same as planting 1.7 million trees. Clearly, energy consumption matters.

As the awareness of the impact of buildings on people’s health and the health of the planet grow, the importance of understanding the impact of building design, construction and operation increases. In the past decade, it has regularly been cited that buildings account for 72% of all electric use in the United States. Furthermore, early research results point to the positive improvements that result in employee health, workplace satisfaction and even creativity from working in a high-performance or green building. Obviously there is still a lot more research to be undertaken to fully comprehend the impact, but early indications are healthier is better.

On Wednesday, May 29, 2013, Jason LaFleur, LEED AP, and Michael Hobbs, SRA, RAA, LEED GA, are speaking at the Sustainable Builders Working Group hosted by the Chicago Community Loan Funds Building for Sustainability program. The Sustainable Builders Working Group is meeting at 4pm, 29 E Madison Street, Suite 1700, Chicago, IL 60602.

Enterprising investors, developer, builders and home owners are actively creating green & high-performance buildings, designing green & high-performance buildings, living in green & high-performance buildings and working to create the possibility that all new buildings will be high-performance. As these enterprising individuals design a new future unlike the past, they are creating whole new industries of products, processes and perspectives on building construction.

Understanding the impact and benefit of green and high performance buildings is a point of beginning. Come learn how practitioners and appraisers address, assess and evaluate green & high-performance buildings and energy efficient improvements. “As adoption of green and high-performance buildings increases, there will be a large demand for those skilled in this specialty, said Michael Hobbs.

The mission of the Chicago Community Loan Fund is to provide flexible, affordable and responsible financing and technical assistance for community stabilization and development efforts that benefit low- to moderate-income neighborhoods, families and individuals throughout Chicago. CCLF was founded in 1991 by a group of visionary social-investment advocates and continues to provide a forum for community partners, developers, architects and urban planning professionals to address the needs of the community.

Jason LaFleur is the Chair of the Residential Green Building Committee for the USGBC Illinois Chapter, the Regional Director for the Alliance for Environmental Sustainability, as well as the Director of Curriculum and President of Eco Achievers. Jason graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and has been working in education and curriculum development for over a decade in Chicago. His passion is to see the market transformation for green and high-performance buildings by achieving sustainability through program and organizational development. Jason regularly works with clients on determining and developing their plans and proposals for LEED-compliant projects.

Michael Hobbs, SRA, RAA, LEED GA, is the President of PahRoo Appraisal & Consultancy, located in Chicago, Illinois. He is a professional speaker and state-certified real estate appraiser in Illinois who regularly provides expert testimony as an expert witness in local, state and federal courts. Michael received the SRA designation from the Appraisal Institute and he holds the RAA designation from the National Association of Realtors. Additionally, he has achieved LEED GA, an accreditation of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). He is a regularly published author and speaker on the topics of real estate, appraisal and valuation, and entrepreneurship. Currently, he serves on the board of The Entrepreneur Organization (EO) Chicago Chapter, a global network of more than 9,000 business owners and entrepreneurs in 40 countries. Presently, Michael is one of only 3 designated real estate appraisers operating in the Chicagoland market who is also LEED accredited in the United States.

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Pilates Ten Announces its Grand Opening and Pilates Day Celebration

Costa Mesa, CA (PRWEB) April 29, 2009

Pilates Ten Orange County Grand Opening. Pilates Ten is a fully equipped Pilates studio with new state-of-the-art “Balanced Body” equipment/apparatus (reformer, cadillac, trapeze, and wunda chair) as well as additional props. Pilates Ten teaches Pilates in the traditional method with west coast influences. Using the movement techniques developed by Joseph Pilates, Pilates Ten workouts will help you look and feel your very best.

Pilates day is the first Saturday in May and is celebrated by studios throughout the country. Pilates Ten plans to celebrate with an open house from 4-6pm. Hours devours and wine will be served. The public is welcome to tour the studio and witness Pilates demonstrations on the equipment. Pilates Ten will also be offering 10% discounts on all packages in honor of Pilates day.

Private Pilates sessions are taught by owner and certified Pilates instructor, Diana Perreira. Diana brings to the studio ten years of Pilates experience as well as a career as a professional dancer. Instruction at Pilates Ten is designed to work with all body types and each client’s individual goals, and level of ability.

For additional information on Pilates Ten’s grand opening contact Diana Perreira or visit Pilates Ten private sessions are available for scheduling by appointment.


Diana Perreira, Owner

Pilates Ten

(949) 631 3457


APOGEE Pilates & Wellness Centers Announce New Wellness & Fitness Professionals

White Plains, NY (PRWEB) September 23, 2009

APOGEE Pilates & Wellness Centers, located in White Plains and Bedford Hills, NY, have announced the addition of three new wellness practitioners to their staff providing nutritional consultations, massage therapy and life coaching to both APOGEE members and non-members. In addition, through APOGEE’s recent acquisition of Power Pilates

Edye Fisher-Discount — The Pilates Therapist — Addresses Personalized Wellness And Rehabilitation Needs

Yardley, PA (Vocus) September 2, 2010

Edye Fisher-Discount has created The Pilates Therapist studio to address the personalized wellness and rehabilitation needs of the individual. A certified Pilates professional since 1997, Fisher-Discount now offers her clients and special groups customized Pilates training in her Bucks County studio as well as on site programs for groups depending on their specific requirements.

Over the last several years, I have been working with seniors in Trenton, NJ, and with people with Multiple Sclerosis in the Bucks County area. Participants in the sessions are astounded at the mobility they have been able to achieve, said Fisher-Discount.

I truly believe with the right instruction, adaptation, and focus each individual has the capacity to improve their flexibility and strength, added Fisher-Discount. Everyone can benefit from a stronger back. Its easy to achieve with guidance, and if the individual is committed and diligent about building his or her core, she continued.

The Pilates method of exercise was developed and named after Joseph Pilates, who initially created a series of exercises to rehabilitate veterans returning from World War I. Central to the Pilates method is the development and strengthening of the core, or powerhouse. This group of muscles is comprised of the abdominals, obliques, lower back and glutes, and working together, what gives the body its core strength and proper alignment.

To schedule an appointment or consultation, call 215.514.3390 or edye(at)ThePilatesTherapist(dot)com.

About The Pilates Therapist

Known as The Pilates Therapist, Edye Fisher-Discount offers individual, customized rehabilitative Pilates instruction in her private studio in Yardley, as well as on site classes.

A certified Pilates instructor since 1997, Edye teaches both rehabilitative reformer and mat Pilates classes, and individualized therapy and training sessions. She also teaches a Pilates series for people with Multiple Sclerosis, geriatric Pilates program, and other Pilates methods tailored specifically for individuals with various health challenges.

A leading Pilates instructor in rehabilitative Pilates, Edye traces her ah ha moment and devotion to Pilates to her own personal encounter with debilitating back pain. In 1993, crippling back pain left the certified AFAA step-aerobics and spinning instructor writhing in agony, and unable to stand or move without tremendous distress. When all other solutions and pain-relief medications failed, she refused to accept a surgical solution and began to research alternative therapies to relieve back pain and become whole again. She discovered that the answer and ideal treatment for developing a strong, pain-free back was through Pilates.

Through her love of Pilates, hundreds of people have discovered pain-free mobility. Currently, Edye is developing multiple instructional Pilates products to assist her clients and others live the mobile and healthy lifestyle they desire.

Contact: Donna Weaver, 215.428.0972 or dbw(at)weaverworks(dot)us

# # #

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Pilates produces Pippa’s perfect posterior

London (PRWEB UK) 20 May 2011

A leading health club group is reporting a massive surge in Pilates classes enquiries following news that Pippa Middleton credits the invigorating exercise for her breathtaking bum.

Staff at the Esporta groups 55 health clubs have been inundated with enquiries from ladies and men looking to include Pilates as a part of their workout.

In fact, bosses have been forced to schedule additional sessions and bring in more Pilates teachers to meet members desire for a cutie booty.

Class attendance has seen an increase of 20% and in a number of clubs we are having to put on twice as many classes to cope with demand from members. Esporta timetables change every three months and more time is being dedicated to Pilates than ever before.

Commercial director Mark Taylor comments: Were not at all surprised that Pilates produced Pippas perfect posterior.

Those in the know have long appreciated the role of Pilates in helping to achieve that dream physique, but the Pippa Middleton sensation has really brought the exercise to the attention of the masses.

The exercise class has been free to our members for years and has always proved popular, but the level of enquiries since the Royal Wedding, and especially in the last 24 hours since confirmation of the magic formula was unveiled, has been incredible Ive never experienced anything like it.

Pilates is an incredibly effective and versatile technique and a far cry from the hippy exercise people sometimes think it is.

Miss Middletons peachy posterior has become a worldwide sensation since Prince William and her sister Kates wedding on 29 April. Thousands of column inches have been dedicated to it, while 225,000 Facebook users have joined the Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society.