Lawrence Hayward Joseph Pilates Contrology.MOV

“Joe taught me what I need to do to control my body so the Physical Dysfunctions will DISAPPEAR. This is why he called Pilates, Contrology! Pilates is the science of how you control the body through your knowledge. Joe was an amazing man”. Lawrence Hayward The word Contrology explain itself. The first part is control and you tell your body what to do. The “Ology” part is a knowledge so what you know, the structure and function is a knowledge. You take control of the muscles and the nerves and send it to do what they suppose to do and if we don’t – we end up with dysfunctions. If you lean forward and if you’re not doing the way it suppose to, you put you lungs into your stomach, your chest into your kidney or your stomach, and your stomach into your lower body. Your flexors have to be told how to correct it. When you train with me I’ll teach and share with you the Joseph Pilates Authentic way of how you can control your body movements, correct dysfunctions and enhance your sports abilities no matter what sport you do. You will grow so much stronger.