Witness: Doctor failed in her duty before deaths

Witness: Doctor failed in her duty before deaths
By LINDA DEUTSCH A California doctor who sits in court accused of murder listened to an expert witness Tuesday describe how three young men came to her for drugs and wound up dead after she failed to provide adequate care and diagnosis before issuing …
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Defense pushes lack of evidence in Iraq slayings
The only surviving witness said he can't recall being shot and two military forensic experts testified they found little physical evidence to link a US soldier to the slayings of his two Army roommates in Iraq—a crime for which the suspect could be …
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Witness accuses Sandusky of sex abuse as trial opens
In a flurry of motions, another defense lawyer, Karl Rominger, said he would likely call an expert witness to explain that a psychological problem suffered by Sandusky, known as histrionic personality disorder, led him to write "love letters" to his …
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