Accounting Expert Dr. Barry Jay Epstein of Cendrowski Corporate Advisors to Speak at the Asia Pacific Auditing and Assurance Conference 2014

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) July 08, 2014

Dr. Barry J. Epstein, CPA, CFF, internationally recognized forensic accounting expert and principal at Cendrowski Corporate Advisors (“CCA,”, will be a guest lecturer and participant in two panel discussions at the Singapore Accountancy Convention 2014: “Staying Ahead of the Curve.” The conference, organized by the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA), will be held at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore from July 30 through August 1, 2014.

Dr. Epstein, who spoke about strategies for combating fraud in financial reporting and related white collar crimes at a 2013 international conference in Bali, Indonesia, returns to the Asia-Pacific region for this accounting forum attended by hundreds of international accountants.

On Thursday, July 31, Dr. Epstein will be part of a session that focuses on “Addressing Complexities of the Business World: Taking the Bull by its Horns.” In his presentation, “The Last Few Laps to Being Truly Global: The Remaining Convergence Projects,” Dr. Epstein will discuss the just-announced revenue recognition standard and explain what it means for businesses and their bottom lines. He will also address accounting for leases and for financial instruments. These are three of the most critical financial reporting areas still to be fully converged in the decade-long effort to reach a “meeting of the minds” among the world’s major standard-setting bodies.

Following his presentation, Dr. Epstein will participate in a panel discussion about “Reporting the Substance of Transactions in an Increasingly Complex Business World,” and whether these standards achieve their purpose. The panel will also tackle the issue of communication with investors, taking into account its value, relevance and recommended frequency.

On Friday, August 1, Dr. Epstein will be presenting in the session, “Quality Counts: Scaling New Heights.” His lecture will specifically focus on, “Addressing Deemed Fraud Risks Arising from Management Override of Controls and Manipulation of Revenue Recognition: Lessons Learned from Past Cases.” He will conclude with a panel discussion about “Driving Quality from the Top: Are Auditing Firms Doing Enough and What is Enough?”

“Dr. Epstein’s participation in this important international conference is a testament to his expertise on relevant issues in accounting, auditing and assurance, ethics, and integrated reporting,” says Founding Member and Managing Director Harry Cendrowski. “We are proud to have him represent Cendrowski Corporate Advisors.”

As part of CCA’s team of litigation experts and authors, Dr. Epstein is widely recognized as an expert on U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (“GAAP”), IFRS, and U.S. Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (“GAAS”). He is a frequent expert witness who has worked extensively with attorneys and U.S. regulatory agencies in the areas of securities litigation, white collar defense, financial reporting fraud, and accountants’ malpractice.

Dr. Epstein served as the author of The Handbook of Accounting and Auditing (RIA, Thomson Reuters), from 1998 through 2013. For decades he was the founding lead co-author on two authoritative reference works on U.S. and international accounting standards (Wiley GAAP and Wiley IFRS). Dr. Epstein has also written or contributed to scores of articles on auditor liability and other finance, accounting, and auditing topics that have been published in legal and accounting journals.

Based on his decades of experience as an author, Dr. Epstein distinguishes himself with the depth and clarity of Rule 26 or equivalent reports that clearly describe relevant accounting, auditing, and financial reporting standards for attorneys, judges, and jury members.

About the Cendrowski Companies

Cendrowski Corporate Advisors ( is a full-service financial consulting and litigation support firm with offices in Chicago, Ill. and Bloomfield Hills, Mich. The firm provides highly personal services to clients in the legal, private equity, banking, corporate, and non-profit industries. Since 1983, CCA and its affiliates have worked hand in hand with attorneys and litigation support personnel to provide forensic accounting, business valuation, investigative and dispute advisory services. CCA also provides risk assessment and back office administration.

Founding member Harry Cendrowski, CPA/ABV, CGMA, CFF, CFE, CVA, CFD, MAFF, is the lead author of “Enterprise Risk Management and COSO: A Guide for Directors, Executives, and Practitioners” (Wiley 2009), “Private Equity: History, Governance, and Operations” (Wiley, 2008), and “The Handbook of Fraud Deterrence” (Wiley, 2006). The Michigan-based tax and accounting firm of Cendrowski Selecky PC ( is an affiliated company.

More Expert Witness Press Releases

False Claims Act Settlements at Nearly 20 Percent of the 2014 Fortune 500

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) June 06, 2014

Nearly 50% of the 50 largest corporations in the United States have settled allegations of fraud in their dealings with the federal government, according to analysis of the 2014 list of the Fortune 500 by Young Law Group. Twenty four of the top 50 public companies in America by revenue have been accused of defrauding the United States government and settled those allegations with a monetary payment. Because many have done so in settlements that did not admit liability, it is impossible to determine accurately how many have actually engaged in fraud.

Nevertheless, nearly 20% of the businesses on the Fortune 500 this year have faced accusations of acting in violation of the False Claims Act and resolved the allegations through a monetary payment. The complete list is available at:

The top of the Fortune 500 is particularly well represented by companies which have settled allegations of fraud in the past. The nation’s three largest companies, Wal-Mart, Exxon Mobil and Chevron, have all paid settlements under the False Claims Act. Of the twenty two companies with more than $ 100 billion in revenue, thirteen (59%) have paid money back to the government in a settlement.

“We expect the number of large companies paying money back to the U.S. government will rise as more of the cases filed in the last three years work through the system,” said James J. McEldrew, III, Of Counsel to Young Law Group. The number of qui tam lawsuits filed by relators has set a record each of the last two years. *

“Too many of our nation’s top companies have engaged in misconduct that has drained our nation’s treasury,” said Eric L. Young, Managing Partner of Young Law Group. “We need more whistleblowers to come forward and report fraud when they discover evidence of it.”

The False Claims Act is the law passed by Congress in 1863 to authorize private individuals, known as relators, to bring a qui tam lawsuit on behalf of the federal government to recover money it has lost due to false claims. The False Claims Act has been significantly strengthened through amendments starting in 1986, when Congress authorized treble damages and increased awards for eligible whistleblowers to 15 to 30 percent.

Since 1986, lawsuits initiated by whistleblowers have recovered more than $ 27 billion on behalf of the United States. ** Still, estimates are the United States loses more than $ 50 billion every year to health care fraud and improper payments. ***

The Fortune 500 ranks U.S. incorporated companies operating in the United States and filing a financial statement with a government agency. Businesses are ranked based on their total revenues. In 2014, it took revenues of $ 4.9 billion to make the list. This year’s list was released on Monday, June 2, 2014 and is available at

Young Law Group examined the 2014 list to determine how many of America’s largest businesses have been accused of committing fraud against the U.S. Government and settled those allegations. In its research, it attributed settlements by subsidiaries, acquisitions and predecessors to the parent or successor company. It does not include companies under investigation or with pending litigation.

About Young Law Group, P.C.

Young Law Group represents whistleblowers reporting health care fraud to the U.S. Government via qui tam lawsuits permitted by the False Claims Act. Young Law Group also represents individuals reporting securities fraud to the SEC/CFTC programs and tax evasion to the IRS.

Eric L. Young, Esq., Managing Partner of Young Law Group, represented the first whistleblower awarded compensation by the IRS under the mandatory reward program created following the Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006. Young has also served as an expert witness in areas of U.S. whistleblower law and represented clients in some of the largest qui tam recoveries, including United States ex. rel. Lucia Paccione v. Cephalon Inc., E.D.P.A., 03-CV-6268.

Learn more about Eric Young, Esq., and Young Law Group at

For a free, confidential case evaluation and discussion about whistleblower laws and rights, please call Eric Young, Esq., at 1-800-590-4116.

Attorney Advertising: Young Law Group, P.C., is a private law office located at 123 S. Broad St., Ste 1920, Philadelphia, PA 19109 with attorneys licensed to practice in Pennsylvania. The firm will associate with local counsel in other jurisdictions when necessary. Young Law Group may not be able to represent residents of all states.

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Whistleblower Payments Top $300 Million Under False Claims Act in Fiscal Year 2014

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) May 20, 2014

A review of press releases issued by the Department of Justice since October 1, 2013 conducted by Young Law Group reveals that whistleblowers have been awarded more than $ 300 million from settlements in qui tam lawsuits in the current fiscal year. The federal government’s fiscal year begins on October 1st, leaving more than four months left to add to the impressive amount so far.

The two largest settlements, Johnson & Johnson in November 2013 and JPMorgan Chase in February 2014, have also led to the largest payouts. More than $ 167 million was split among the whistleblowers in Johnson & Johnson. The sole relator in JPMorgan Chase was entitled to $ 63.9 million.

A breakdown of the amount of awards in each settlement can be found on the Young Law Group website.

During FY 2013, whistleblowers received more than $ 345 million. * The record for the largest amount was set in 2011, when relators were awarded more than $ 500 million. In total, since the False Claims Act was amended in 1986, whistleblowers have been paid more than $ 4 billion for information they have brought to the government under the law. **

Payments for tips to whistleblowers in Endo Pharmaceuticals, Genzyme and Ensign Group were not included in the total for the current year because they were not disclosed by the Department of Justice. The addition of awards in these cases should add more than $ 25 million to the current total, based on the statutory percentages specified in the legislation.

“If our calculations are correct, Fiscal Year 2014 already ranks sixth on the list for highest payments to relators under the False Claims Act,” said Eric L. Young, Esq., managing partner of Young Law Group.

“Payments for information about health care fraud continue to account for the majority of rewards as the government fights fraud against Medicare, Medicaid and other government programs,” added Young.

About the Federal False Claims Act

The False Claims Act permits individuals to file lawsuits on behalf of the federal government to recover money paid out due to false statements. The individual filing the lawsuit is known as the relator. The government is permitted to intervene in the lawsuit and prosecute it to its conclusion if they wish. In this case, an eligible relator may receive between 15 and 25 percent of the amount recovered by the government. If the government declines to intervene and the individual continues the lawsuit against the company, they may be entitled to between 25 and 30 percent of the recovery.

The False Claims Act, also known as Lincoln’s Law, was passed in 1863 to fight fraud during the Civil War. In 1986, it was amended to increase incentives for relators and provide for treble damages against defendants.

About Young Law Group, P.C.

Young Law Group represents clients filing qui tam lawsuits under the False Claims Act and providing tips to the SEC, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and Internal Revenue Service.

Eric L. Young, Esq., managing partner of Young Law Group, represented the first whistleblower awarded compensation by the IRS under the mandatory reward program created following the Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006. Young has also served as an expert witness in areas of U.S. whistleblower law and represented clients in some of the largest qui tam recoveries. Young is licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

For a free, confidential case evaluation and discussion about whistleblower laws and rights, please call Eric Young, Esq., at 1-800-590-4116.

Learn more about Eric Young, Esq., and Young Law Group at    

ATTORNEY ADVERTISING. Young Law Group, P.C. is a private law office located at 123 S. Broad St. Set 1920, Philadelphia, PA 19109. The firm will associate with local counsel in other jurisdictions when necessary. Young Law Group may not be able to represent residents of all states. Past results do not guarantee or predict a similar outcome in any present or future matter.

The lawsuits specifically identified here are captioned as United States ex rel. Victoria Starr v. Janssen Pharmaceutica Prods. L.P., Civil Action No. 04-1529 (E.D. Pa.); United States ex rel. Lynn Powell v. Janssen Pharmaceutica Prods. L.P. and Johnson & Johnson, Civil Action No. 04-5184 (E.D. Pa.); United States ex rel. Camille McGowan and Judy Doetterl v. Janssen Pharmaceutica, Inc., Janssen Pharmaceutica Prods. L.P., and Johnson & Johnson, Civil Action No. 05-5436 (E.D. Pa.); United States ex rel. Kurtis J. Barry v. Ortho-McNeil-Jannsen Pharms., Inc. and Johnson & Johnson, Inc., Civil Action No. 10-0098 (E.D. Pa.); United States ex rel. Lisitza and Kammerer, et al. v. Johnson & Johnson, et al. Civ. No.: 07-10288, 05-11518 (D. Mass); United States ex rel. Keith Edwards v. JPMorgan Chase Bank NA et al, Case No. 13-00220 (S.D.N.Y.); United States ex rel. Ryan v. Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc., Civil Action No. 05-cv-3450 (E.D. Pa.); United States ex rel. Weathersby, et al. v. Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc., et al, Civil Action No. 10-cv-2039 (E.D. Pa.); United States ex rel. Dhillon v. Endo Pharmaceuticals, Civil Action No. 11-cv-7767 (E.D. Pa.); United States ex rel. Fuentes, Russo v. Genzyme Corp., No. 09-cv-1245 (M.D. Fla.); United States ex rel. Kelley v. Genzyme Corp., No. 10-cv-549 (M.D. Fla.); United States of America ex rel. Gloria Patterson v. Ensign Group Inc., Case No. SACV 06-6956 CJC (ANx) (C.D. Calif.); and United States of America ex rel. Carol Sanchez v. Ensign Group Inc., Case No. SACV 06-0643 CJC (ANx) (C.D. Calif.).

For attribution purposes:


More Expert Witness Press Releases

Adrian J. Adams, Esq. to Present “The Davis-Stirling Act Has Changed – Be Ready for 2014” at CAI Legal Forum:California Communities on October 18, 2013

Irvine, California (PRWEB) October 17, 2013

At this year’s CAI Legal Forum:California Communities, Adrian J. Adams, Esq. will be presenting, “The Davis-Stirling Act Has Changed – Be Ready for 2014”. This educational session addresses the history of the making of the Davis-Stirling Act and examines the recently passed rewrite, which goes into effect January 1, 2014. The “rewrite” simplifies, renumbers and reorganizes the Act into Civil Code 4000-6150. The discussion will focus on what board members can expect and covers new FHA guidelines, executive meetings, email communications, confidentiality, personnel/vendor contracts and insurance, and meeting minutes.

The 2013 CAI Legal Forum is scheduled to take place at the Irvine Marriott located at 18000 Von Karman Ave Irvine on October 18. This special one-day educational event, offers two education programsone for community managers and one for board members and other homeowner leaders. Sessions are presented by expert panels, including government officials, seasoned management professionals and members of the prestigious College of Community Association Lawyers, a professional organization that represents the very best attorneys in the industry.

Community Associations Institute (CAI) is an international organization dedicated to building better communities and provides education and resources to community association homeowner leaders, professional managers, association management companies and other businesses and professionals who provide products and services to community associations.

Anyone who lives in, works for or provides services to a California community association will leave the event more informed, more engaged and better able to contribute to a successful community.

Adrian J. Adams, Esq. is the principal of Adams Kessler PLC, a law firm specializing in the representation of common interest developments throughout California. In addition to corporate and litigation work, Adrian is legal advisor on condominium law and smoke-free housing issues to the Technical Assistance Legal Center, a project of the Public Health Institute. He frequently speaks for industry organizations on homeowners association topics, including legal updates and board educational training programs. He serves as an expert witness on standards of care involving association boards and managers., the award winning website and weekly newsletter with a subscriber base of over 18,000 were both created and are written by Adrian J. Adams.

Adams Kessler PLC is one of Californias premier homeowners association law firms. The firm represents a mixture of small and large homeowner, mixed-use, senior, commercial and recreational associations throughout California. Adams Kessler PLC focuses on providing its clients with exceptional legal services in a cost effective manner. Their attorneys are extremely knowledgeable about common interest development law and are well qualified to handle the myriad of legal issues faced by community associations and their directors.


For more information or to register, visit or call CAI Member Services at (888) 224-4321 (M-F, 9-6:30 ET)

For more information on this subject or to schedule an interview with Adrian J. Adams, Esq., please contact Nathalie Ross at (800) 464-2817 or nathalie(at)davis-stirling(dot)com.