(PRWEB) March 15, 2003

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–First Pilates DVD In Its Interactive Series Offers Added Value To Consumers–

BETHESDA, MD — March 16, 2003 – Celebrities such as Madonna, Julia Roberts and Gwyneth Paltrow rave about the benefits of Pilates. Now, thanks to BodyWisdom Media, consumers can create their own customized Pilates workout through the new “Pilates Complete for Everyone” DVD. Available now at retail, the first Pilates workout from BodyWisdom Media’s “Interactive Fitness” series, this innovative program capitalizes on DVD technology to offer consumers more than 35 different Pilates workouts, covering five fitness levels from beginner to advanced. Consumers can select the programs best suited to their current fitness level, adding or eliminating segments to their Pilates regime depending on their personal fitness goals.

“Pilates Complete for Everyone” revolutionizes the practice of Pilates for in-home workouts. Unlike other videos that may contain one or two workouts, this new DVD accommodates virtually every fitness need. The flexibility to create a customized Pilates fitness regime based on the dozens of varied workouts provides consumers with added value. As personal fitness goals such as getting into shape, losing weight, relieving stress, becoming stronger and more flexible or increasing energy are realized, the consumer can change and expand his or her customized “Pilates Complete for Everyone” fitness regime. The DVD also resolves issues of scheduling, limited budgets and intimidating classes by allowing consumers to learn and enjoy the Pilates experience in the privacy of their own home. These added values ensure that “Pilates Complete for Everyone” will be an invaluable fitness resource for years to come.

“Based on the growing popularity of Pilates as a fitness concept combined with our success with the interactive yoga series, we decided the time was right to create an interactive Pilates DVD. Our broad range of ‘Interactive Fitness’ products are designed to meet the needs of people in all walks of life as they commit to improving their personal fitness and well being,” said Mike Wohl, found and president of Body Wisdom Media Inc. “‘Pilates Complete for Everyone’ is designed to bring Pilates, which provides an extraordinary workout, to a whole new audience that might be turned off by the crowds or high cost of attending a Pilates class at their local fitness studio.”

Karen Garcia, a certified Pilates instructor, is known nationally for her warm, yet invigorating style of teaching which has helped thousands of students around the country reap the wonderful benefits of the Pilates system.

As a professional dancer, Garcia toured with several ballet companies, including the Washington, Milwaukee and Dallas Ballets before a career ending knee injury left her unable to walk without a cane. Her significant physical recovery as well as numerous other benefits resulting from her study of Pilates compelled her to dedicate her career to helping others learn this amazing system. She owns Studio Body Logic® which has several locations in Northern Virginia and Maryland.

“Pilates Complete for Everyone” offers enjoyable and challenging workouts for beginning, intermediate and advanced students interested in transforming how their bodies look, feel and perform. Originated by Joseph Pilates, the workouts are credited with achieving sleek muscle tone and flexibility as well as increasing stamina and overall fitness, which is why so many dancers and actors swear by Pilates.

Utilizing proprietary DVD software created by BodyWisdom Media Inc., the company has produced the “Interactive Yoga DVD Series,” which includes “Yoga for Athletes,” “Yoga for Inflexible People,” “Yoga for Every Body” and “15 Minute Office Yoga.” BodyWisdom Media Inc. uses DVD software to its fullest potential and capabilities to create video workouts that are far more comprehensive, detailed, customizable and filled with variety than any others currently on the market.

BodyWisdom Media Inc. is based in Bethesda, Maryland. The company’s product is available at major retail outlets nationwide or visit the company’s website at For phone orders, call 877-746-8077.


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