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As defined by the dictionary, an expert witness is a person who has acquired specialization in a subject, often technical or other fields as well, who may present expert views without having been a witness to any incidence relating to the lawsuit or criminal case. It is an exception to the principle against giving an opinion in trial only if, the expert is purely trained by evidence of his/her proficiency, training and special knowledge.
In most of the legal cases, expert witness engineers are liable to give unified decision and are critical to the success of your case. Again, in many instances an expert professional can assist by-

Case study of technical facts

Preparing an expert case-specific engineering report supporting the legal issues

Being ousted

Witnessing at court

Civil engineers must utilize their education and experience to plan, intend and supervise the projects of construction site in various industries. Moreover, a civil engineer must examine, devise, plan and assist in the execution of every step of the project. He/she will verify that all official procedures are followed along with the necessary formalities. The responsibility of the project manager is to endorse that the particular design plans are followed. The design of the construction project is done with the incorporation of commonly established engineering standards and practices. A closing report may be prepared showing that how the project was actually built as compared to the plans. Moreover, an engineer can also authoritatively verify the safety measures are being followed throughout the project period. Indeed, the professionals play important role to any construction project but can also be very imperative to any legal representative that is in need of an expert witness.

When seeking for an expert witness engineers, you must seek the assistance of professional expert. In this regard, it is important to look at the experience of your expert witness, whether education or in the field. It is crucial to your case for the expert to have relevant experience. The judge or the opposing side may feel your expert is experienced and qualified or not and you should not waste your time for a non-qualified professional.  An apprentice civil engineer hasn’t acquired that level of proficiency and will probably not have handled many different project situations so far. Also, education alone is not a designation of a good expert. Experience on the job is an essential requirement for an expert witness.

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Christian belief should not be based on the fact that Christ died on the cross?

Question by Cowgirl: Christian belief should not be based on the fact that Christ died on the cross?
There is no doubt that Jesus was put on trial, humiliated, beaten, and made to carry his cross at least part of the way. Indeed, he was put on the cross– but the interesting thing to note is that, unlike all the other crucified people of the time, Jesus’ legs strangely weren’t broken. He was also given a footrest, which would have allowed him to push himself up to breathe, thereby prolonging death.She goes on to say that Pontius Pilate, who was vilified in writing and documents aside from the Biblical texts, was in on the conspiracy to let Christ hang for three hours and appear to be dead–after which, Pilate had Jesus taken down. And he made sure that the time of the Crucifixion was such that Christ would only be on the cross for a short period of time due to the honoring of the Sabbath. This satisfied the detractors at the time, and gave new meaning to Pontius Pilate”washing his hands of this innocent man.”

Jesus was given an opiate-like drug that made him go into a deep spoon, which simulated death. Being taken for dead, he was then removed from the cross.The scholar Karl Friedrich Bahrdt postulated that Jesus survived a feigned death with Luke the physician having supplied drugs beforehand. No one seems to question the fact that this rich man(Joseph) just offered his tomb to Christ out of the blue. When Jesus was taken down from the cross–without his legs being broken– relatively earlt on the same day, Josephus (the jewish historian) wrote that he’d seen other prisoners crucified, and after several days, they still hadn’t died–even though they’d had their legs broken.
Now, Jesus certainly did appear to Many and Mary Magdalene and all the apostles–a ghost would hardly be able to tell Thomas to feel his wounds. When Many and Mary Magdalene came to the tomb and saw the angels, the angels asked: “Why do you look for the living among the dead?” (Luke 24:5)
Later Jesus appeared to his apostles to prove that he was still alive, saying ” Peace be with you….Why are you troubled, and why do thoughts arise in your hearts? See my hands and feet, that it is myself! Touch and see, for a ghost doesn’t have flesh and bones, as you see me to have.” Then he showed them his hands and feet. Next, he asked, ” Do you have anything here to eat?” And they offered him a piece of a broiled fish, and he ate it in their presence (Luke 24:36–43).
I don’t know about you, but I’ve never known a ghost or a spirit to need food. None of this means that he was some supernatural being, and even a man-man needs to eat.
(ALL of this info is from the book Secrets & Mysteries of the World–by Sylvia Browne)

So he left, probably because he would be killed surly if he stayed, and went off to continuing to teach people about Gods love.
Think about it, If he had not died on the cross, would his story have been so remembered? because you think he died is the reason why he was given so much attention. NOW, try to tell me now that Jesus died on the cross. Don’t tell me, “Just because”, or “Because the Bible said so”. Give me real arguments and make them good.

Best answer:

Answer by EddieJ
There is nothing factual about the Jesus story.

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Pilates’ Body Conditioning: A Program Based on the Techniques of Joseph Pilates

Pilates’ Body Conditioning: A Program Based on the Techniques of Joseph Pilates

Pilates' Body Conditioning: A Program Based on the Techniques of Joseph Pilates

The world is rediscovering the Pilates method as a great way to get into top physical shape. This photo-illustrated manual points the way to a toned and flexible body, following the time-proven Pilates “thinking exercise” routines. Approximately 75 years ago, calling on the mind to work precisely with body muscles, Joseph Pilates developed exercises that produce flatter stomachs, longer limbs, stronger backs, and the poise of a dancer. This book takes men and women of all ages and abilities thro

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