Joseph Pilates Cadillac by Bluebird Pilates Munich

Joseph Pilates Cadillac by Bluebird Pilates Munich http Joseph Pilates Cadillac Workout Exercises produced and performed by Bluebird Pilates Munich Music:” Polaroid -To Understand ” copyright permission by
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Lawrence Hayward - Joseph Pilates assistant - Pilates - Contrology .MOV

Mixed Movements – Part 1 – Mr. Lawrence Hayward at 79 years young age.Mr Hayward was personally trained by Mr Joseph Pilates who housed and trained him and personally made him his assistant. Mr Hayward lived with Joseph Pilates in the same house and is the ONLY person in the world to have this kind of close daily one-to-one contact with Joseph Pilates. Mr Joseph Pilates asked. Mr Hayward in writing to follow in his foot steps. Mr. Hayward it’s a 79 years young man and in a very good shape and is carry Mr. Joseph Pilates legacy teaching Pilate’s the way Mr. Joseph Pilates wanted to be taught.
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Joseph Pilates Reformer by Jean-Claude Nelson Bluebird Pilates Munich

Advanced Pilates Reformer performed and produced by Jean-Claude Nelson Music:” Polaroid -The Right Person” copyright permission by Many Thanks to : R.Krysanowska – M.Oron – SM Santo –
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