Law Offices of Heath D. Harte Comments on Recent Article about Ex-Convicts Who Profit from their Criminal Activity by Booking Speaking Engagements

(PRWEB) July 17, 2014

Heath D. Harte, an attorney-at-law with over twenty-five years of experience practicing in Connecticut and New York, released a statement today commenting on a recent article that highlights the increase in ex-convicts who are receiving payment for lectures and appearances to teach lawyers and other professionals about their experiences.

The recent ABAJournal article* highlights the example of former Enron CFO, Andrew Fastow, who pled guilty to conspiracy to commit wire and securities fraud in 2004. Last year, Fastow spoke to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. The article also mentions other white-collar convicted criminals who have financially benefitted from speaking engagements, including Scott London (formerly of KPMG, convicted of insider trading), and Humberto Aguilar (a former attorney who went to prison for money laundering). London and Aguilar have had numerous speaking engagements and appearances. Although the ACFE does not make direct payments to ex-cons, the article explains that the speakers can still profit from the increased visibility. Augilar, for example, said he often books appearances that earn $ 5,000-6,000 per appearance as an expert witness and a consultant on how to prevent these crimes.

Heath D. Harte believes this trend in profiting off of having a criminal past is wrong, and that changes should be made so that ex-cons do not continue to profit from their crimes. “White collar crime should NOT pay,” he states. “Being convicted of fraud appears to open many doors to lucrative speaking engagements. If murderers cannot receive payment or profit for their story, similar legislation should be applied to other ex-convicts that are profiting from their illegal activities.”

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“Former fraudsters and money launderers hit the lecture circuit; ex-lawyer earns up to $ 6K per speech,” ABA Journal, July 7 2014,

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